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Data Provision Notices (DPNs)

We issue a Data Provision Notice each time we use our statutory power under sections 259(1)(a) and 259(1)(b) of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

When we receive a Direction or Request to collect information, we issue a Data Provision Notice to the appropriate providers of the specified data. The Data Provision Notice provides details of the data collection including:

  • purpose
  • scope
  • form, manner and frequency
  • what we are allowed to do with the data (publish, disseminate for example)
  • burden/costs.

A list of our current Data Provision Notices can be found below. Note that the ones relevant to COVID-19 data collections are at the top of the list.

Further information

Read the Act, or the specific detail relating to Section 259.

Questions about Data Provision Notices may be sent by email to our Data Standards Assurance Service: