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Commissioning data sets Data Provision Notice

Data Provision Notice for Commissioning data sets (CDS), which support a range of payment, statistics and planning activities for the NHS.

Overview of the collection

The CDS provide national activity data for accident and emergency attendances, outpatient appointments (including did not attends) and admitted patient care (hospital admissions) in the NHS in England.

This includes all secondary care activity of this nature undertaken by NHS hospital providers, including patients receiving private treatment, and NHS patients treated electively in the independent sector (including any qualified provider) and overseas.

The submission of CDS into NHS Digital facilitates a range of payment, statistics and planning activities for the NHS.

No changes to the Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) data collections or submission to NHS Digital via Secondary Uses Service (SUS+) are specified within this Data Provision Notice.

Read the Data Provision Notice for CDS

Read the Commissioning Data Sets standard

Scope of the collection

Organisations in scope are:

  • all secondary care providers providing NHS funded services under the standard national contract
  • any qualified providers (AQPs)
  • all NHS private patient units (PPUs).

Legal basis for provision of data

Sections 259(1)(a), 259(5) and 259(8) of the Health and Social Care Act 2012



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