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Data and technology that improves lives

We support NHS staff at work, help people get the best care, and use the nation's health data to drive research and transform services.

About NHS Digital ???

Keeping patient data safe

NHS Digital collects data from GP practices to help support care and research. Find out about our new way of collecting this data, and what your choices are.

Your data
Graphic representing security
21m threats blocked a month

Our cyber security team monitors and protects devices across the NHS and helps lead the cyber response

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99.99% availability

We provide services the NHS can rely on, with near-perfect average availability in 2019-20 across more than 100 systems

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3000 messages a second

Our systems connect more than 20,000 health and care organisations, allowing information to be shared securely

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803m visits to the NHS website in 2020

Patient-facing services such as the NHS website are helping millions of people get information and treatment

Everything is clinical

For the clinical team at NHS Digital, the job is about putting sound medicine and an understanding of the way people tick at the heart of NHS technology.

Read about our clinicians

How we look after your information

Collecting data on health and care is an important part of our role in the health service. We collect and store some information from people's health and care records so that it can be used to run the health service, manage epidemics, plan for the future and research health conditions, diseases and treatments. We always make sure data we collect is handled securely and in line with the law. We don't hold your medical records.

Looking after your data