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Data Services for Commissioners Data Provision Notice

The Data Services for Commissioners programme provides anonymised patient-level data to commissioners for use in healthcare planning and payment within the NHS.


NHS Digital has been directed by NHS England to establish and operate an information system for the collection and analysis of local commissioning data, clinical registry data and historic Primary Care Trust data to deliver data services for commissioners.

Commissioners of healthcare services need to plan and commission healthcare services in their local area through analysis of actual and projected use of those services. This requires the use of patient-level information and in order to satisfy legal requirements, an intermediary service must be used to process, analyse and package this patient-level information into a format which commissioners can legally use.

This intermediary service is provided by the Data Services for Commissioners programme through the Data Services for Commissioners Regional Offices (DSCROs). This notice sets out information for the ongoing submission of relevant data which healthcare providers must comply with.

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This notice applies to any healthcare provider which has contracted with a commissioner and has an obligation, set out in Schedule 6 of the NHS Standard Contract, to report in accordance with local collections reported locally.

Read the Data Provision Notice and supporting directions

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