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NHS 111 Patient Experience Survey

Data Provision Notice to require the six-monthly submission of data by NHS 111 service providers, obtained through ongoing surveys of patients of using the NHS 111 service.




At the requirement of NHS England, all providers of NHS 111/Integrated Urgent Care services must monitor patient experience against a standard survey format and each 6 months submit the collected data to NHS Digital.

The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback from service users to understand their experience, satisfaction with, and usefulness of, the service they received. Data is published by NHS England.


This Notice is served on:

  • All providers of NHS 111 services.

Legal basis


This data collection has been operational since 2011-12, with NHS Digital assuming responsibility for collection in April 2018.

Data must be submitted every 6 months:

  •  April, for data for 1st October to 31st March
  • October, for data for 1st April to 30th September.

There is no anticipated end date for this collection.

Read the Data Provision Notice

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