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General Practice to Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (GP2DRS)

Data Provision Notice to require the submission of general practice data to NHS Digital, for onward sharing with local diabetic eye screening programmes.


General Practice to Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (GP2DRS) is a system which automates the sharing of patient information between general practices and local diabetic eye screening programmes. This makes the process easier by extracting the information directly from General Practice (GP) systems and removing the need for manual processing.

Information regarding eligible patients is obtained from general practices using the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) and is entirely reliant on correct information being recorded in GP systems. Once extracted, the data is uploaded into the GP2DRS database, designed by Public Health England, and enables local screening programmes to view and use the data to identify and invite eligible patients for diabetic retinopathy screening. 

Legal basis for the provision of data


This Notice is served on:

  • All general practices in England.


This collection started in January 2015 and data is extracted on a monthly basis.

Read the Data Provision Notice (Version 2.0)

Business rules

Following the introduction of SNOMED and the move to clinical reference sets (refsets), there was the requirement to update the business rules to account for these changes.  

Like Read V2/CTV3 there are several SNOMED code releases throughout the year. NHS Digital highlight any impact of these code releases and propose specific changes to the refsets (for PHE to consider) to ensure the objectives of the data extract continue to be met.

NHS Digital will maintain these refsets in with feedback provided by PHE. The SNOMED version of the GP2DRS extract will be the primary data collection going forwards, subject to PHE completing its quality assurance of this extract. Once this has been achieved, the previous Read V2/CTV3 version will be retired.

Change control

Update: 3 September 2021: Version 2.0 of the Notice issued in line with review date set in Version 1.0.

Last edited: 11 October 2021 1:20 pm