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NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funded care report Data Provision Notice

This data collection supports a number of frameworks and key work programmes, like the NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) operating model and assurance framework, and the strategic improvement programme (which aims to achieve 0.8 billion efficiency savings in CHC by 2020).


The information on the CHC collection also links into hospital discharge work. The collection includes a metric on percentage of assessments carried out in an acute hospital setting, and links into a quality premium to reduce acute assessments in order to support effective hospital discharge and assessment in the right time and right place.

The collection also provides data required for assessing Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) performance against a second quality premium on the number of cases with a decision by the CCG within 28 days from receipt of the checklist (or other notification of potential eligibility). 

Read the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funded care report Data Provision Notice

Scope of the collection

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs)(CCGs on behalf of CSUs)

Legal basis for provision of data

Section 259 of the Health and Social Care Act.



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