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National diabetes inpatient audit (NaDIA) harms Data Provision Notice

Collects data on key harms that can befall patients with diabetes. By continuously collecting and reporting these events it gives trusts the ability to monitor local levels and act accordingly to reduce, or ideally, eliminate further events, thus improving the care for patients with diabetes when in hospital. This analysis and reporting allows trusts to benchmark their performance against others, identify and share good practice and raise standards in diabetes care.


The National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) is an annual snapshot audit of diabetes inpatient care in England and Wales and is open to hospitals with medical and surgical units. NaDIA allows hospitals to benchmark hospital diabetes care and to prioritise improvements in service provision that will make a real difference to patients' experiences and outcomes. This new continuous harms audit supplements the existing NaDIA audit and allows for continuous collection and feedback of key harms.

The audit findings are used to make recommendations to hospitals regarding how care could be improved. This harms collection will be able to contribute to quality improvement work on a regular basis and will help hospitals compare themselves to the national average and benchmark themselves against others.

Read the national diabetes inpatient audit (NaDIA) harms Data Provision Notice

Scope of the collection

Any NHS acute care provider in England.



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