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Client-Level Adult Social Care Data (No. 2)

Data Provision Notice for submission of data from local authorities participating in a pilot of the collection of adult social care client-level data.


The Department of Health and Social Care has asked for the continuation of this pilot collection of adult social care client-level data.

The data, and other linked data as appropriate, will be used to assist local and national government, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and other integrated health and care commissioning bodies, such as those that are part of integrated care systems, in fulfilling their statutory functions. This includes, for example, the functions of Local Authorities (LAs) under Part 1 of the Care Act 2014:

  • monitoring, at a population level, particular cohorts of service users and designing analytical models which support more effective interventions in health and adult social care
  • monitoring service and integrated care outcomes across a pathway or care setting involving adult social care
  • developing, through evaluation of person-level data, more effective prevention strategies and interventions across a pathway or care setting involving adult social care
  • designing and implementing new payment models across health and adult social care
  • understanding current and future population needs and resource utilisation for local strategic planning and commissioning purposes including for health, social care and public health needs.

NHS Digital will analyse and use the data for discovery and development purposes to enable an understanding of the data items and definitions recorded within the IT systems of Councils with Additional Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs), and to support the development of a future England-wide mandatory collection of data.


This Notice is served on:

  • Local Authorities

All local authorities have been asked if they would like to participate; those which agree to participate will be sent a copy of our Data Provision Notice.

Legal basis


Submission timetables, including a start date, will be agreed with each participating local authority to try and minimise the burden on those organisations.

Collection will begin on a quarterly basis, within each financial year. However we will work with participating local authorities towards more frequent submissions, on a monthly basis where possible.

Read the Data Provision Notice and supporting data specification

Participating local authorities

The following local authorities have agreed to participate:

  • Cheshire East Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • Devon County Council
  • Gloucestershire County Council
  • Haringey Council
  • Islington Council
  • Liverpool City Council
  • North East Lincolnshire Council
  • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
  • St Helens Council
  • Suffolk County Council
  • Walsall Council
  • Westminster City Council

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