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CPIS extract to 0-19 Services for Covid-19 child health safeguarding actions

Data Provision Notice for the collection of information from the Child Protection - Information Sharing (CP-IS) system extract to 0-19 services for Coronavirus (COVID-19) child health safeguarding actions



The benefits of this collection are:

  • provides school nurses and health visitors with a reliable source of information on who vulnerable children are in circumstances where the capacity of local agencies is reduced and where local information sharing agreements cannot be relied on
  • supports school nurses and health visitors in their leading roles in ensuring the health and welfare of vulnerable children and young people in their area is protected during a period where face to face contact with statutory services is reduced
  • supports maintaining contact with vulnerable children and young people to help reduce the risk of poor health outcomes, abuse, injuries and in extreme circumstances avoidable death whilst quarantined in their homes during the coronavirus (Covid-19) response.

Scope of the collection

Child Protection active plan information already collected from Local Authorities (in England) for other purposes. 


Collection start date: 9th April 2020.

Collection end date: 30th September 2020 or until such time as the Covid-19 direction is revoked.

Read Version 2.0 of the Data Provision Notice

29 April 2020: Note that version 1.0 of the Data Provision Notice was published on 8 April 2020. This new version has been revised to confirm that data is being collected under the NHS England Covid-19 Directions. In addition, the role of Child Health Information Service (CHIS) Hubs as Data Processors and the role of 0-19 Services as Data Controllers has been clarified.

Last edited: 29 April 2020 5:41 pm