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COVID-19 Vaccine Data

Data Provision Notice to allow NHS Digital to act as joint data controller, with NHS England, in respect of COVID-19 vaccination status and vaccination adverse reaction data, submitted through the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.


As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS England has been commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to operate the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme. As part of the Programme, NHS Digital acts as a processor of Vaccination Status Data and Adverse Reaction Data (the Vaccine Data) for NHS England, a copy of which is stored in the NHS Digital Data Processing Service (DPS).

There is a need for this data to be made available to a number of organisations for COVID-19 purposes and therefore NHS England and NHS Digital have agreed that NHS Digital should also become a joint controller of the Vaccine Data held in DPS with NHS England under the COVID-19 Public Health (NHS England) Directions 2020 (COVID-19 Directions) to facilitate the analysis, linkage and dissemination of the Vaccine Data to requestors who have an appropriate legal basis to process it. This will maximise the efficiency of dissemination of the Vaccine Data for the benefit of the healthcare system and urgent COVID-19 research, including research into the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Scope of the collection

This Notice is served on:

  • NHS Commissioning Board (NHS England)

Legal basis for provision of data

NHS Digital has been directed by NHS England to establish and operate information systems to collect and analyse data in connection with COVID-19.

Period of the collection

The collection will commence from the date this DPN is provided to NHS England and will continue until the COVID-19 Directions expire (or are replaced by other directions) or NHS Digital and NHS England agree to cease the collection.

Read the Data Provision Notice and supporting protocol (Version 1.1)

Read the transparency notice

Change control

Update: 10 February 2021: Version 1.1 of this Notice and supporting protocol have been issued to reflect a change of name of one of the component assets - Vaccination Adverse Event Data is now known as Vaccination Adverse Reaction Data.

Last edited: 22 February 2021 6:19 pm