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National Child Measurement Programme, England - 2017/18 School Year [PAS]

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Obesity prevalence (including severe obesity) was more than twice as high in year 6 (20.1% which equates to 116,134 children) compared to reception (9.5%, 58,196 children).

Severe obesity prevalence was higher in year 6 (4.2%) compared to reception (2.4%).

The proportion of underweight children was higher in year 6 (1.4%) than in reception (1.0%).

Around three quarters of reception children were healthy weight (76.6%). In year 6 it was around two thirds (64.3%).

Pie charts showing prevalence of the BMI classifications for reception year and year 6 children


For more information: Table 1a National Child Measurement Programme, England, 2017/18 school year.

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