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National Child Measurement Programme, England - 2017/18 School Year [PAS]

National statistics
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Deprivation - Year 6

Obesity prevalence was over twice as high in the most deprived areas (26.8%) than the least deprived areas (11.7%). 

Obesity prevalence by deprivation for year 6


Severe obesity prevalence was over four times as high (7.0% and 1.6% respectively).

Severe obesity prevalence by deprivation for year 6



Combined overweight and obesity prevalence ranged from 41.4% in the most deprived areas to 24.5% in the least deprived areas (not shown on chart).


1. Deprivation has been defined by the deprivation decile of the local super output area in which the child lives.

For more information: Table 6a (deprivation based on postcode of the child), National Child Measurement Programme, England, 2017/18 school year.

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