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National Child Measurement Programme, England - 2017/18 School Year [PAS]

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Obesity prevalence varied by local authority1.

For reception this ranged from 4.9% in Kingston upon Thames to 14.4% in Knowsley.

In year 6 the range was from 11.4% in Richmond upon Thames, to 29.7% in Barking and Dagenham.

Note the maps cannot be compared with each other due to the different ranges used.

Obesity prevalence maps by local authority for reception and year 6

An additional visualisation of this data, including time series, is available at the following link: 


1.Torbay had a particularly low participation rate so their data should be used with extreme caution – see Table 9: Local authority responses to data quality queries

For more information: Table 3b (region based on postcode of the child), National Child Measurement Programme: England, 2017/18 school year.

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