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National Child Measurement Programme, England - 2017/18 School Year [PAS]

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Local authority

Obesity prevalence varied by local authority1.

For reception this ranged from 4.9% in Kingston upon Thames to 14.4% in Knowsley.

In year 6 the range was from 11.4% in Richmond upon Thames, to 29.7% in Barking and Dagenham.

Note the maps cannot be compared with each other due to the different ranges used.

An additional visualisation of this data, including time series, is available at the following link: 


1.Torbay had a particularly low participation rate so their data should be used with extreme caution – see Table 9: Local authority responses to data quality queries

For more information: Table 3b (region based on postcode of the child), National Child Measurement Programme: England, 2017/18 school year.

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