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Further guidance on the wider Community Services Data set is available. 

Related reading

CSDS Data Model

Shows how the different groups of data within the data set are linked, using primary and foreign keys to join the records.

CSDS v1.5 data model is for 

CSDS Enhanced Technical Output Specification (ETOS)

This is a crucial document; it is essential that readers of this WMS guidance document take some time to familiarise themselves with the ETOS.

This splits the data set into a number of groups, with each table containing data items and values. Validations and derivations that will be applied to the data, on submission to the submission portal are also listed.

CSDS User Guidance

What data should be included and how to map to and submit each individual data item.

To submit data to CSDS, providers will need to register for an account on the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) Cloud. CSDS data can be submitted in two different file formats:

    • an xml file that is compliant with the CSDS xml schema
    • a populated CSDS Intermediate Database (IDB) file

Both the CSDS xml schema and CSDS IDB are available to download by subscribing to the related items on the NHS Digital Technology Reference Update Distribution (TRUD)  Learn more about how to register and make a submission.

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