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Part of Community Services Data Set Tier 2 and Tier 3 weight management service guidance

Data groups not required for the National Obesity Audit (NOA)

Current Chapter

Current chapter – Data groups not required for the National Obesity Audit (NOA)

The following data groups are not required for the NOA.

  • CYP003 Accommodation Type
  • CYP004 Care Plan Type
  • CYP005 Care Plan Agreement
  • CYP008 Overseas Visitor Charging Category
  • CYP103 Other Reason for Referral
  • CYP104 Referral to Treatment
  • CYP301 Group Session
  • CYP401 Special Educational Need Identified
  • CYP402 Safeguarding Vulnerability Factor
  • CYP404 Assistive Technology To Support Disability Type
  • CYP501 Coded Immunisation
  • CYP502 Immunisation
  • CYP603 New born Hearing Screening Audiology Referral
  • CYP604 Blood Spot Result
  • CYP605 Infant Physical Examination (GP Delivered)
  • CYP606 Provisional Diagnosis
  • CYP607 Primary Diagnosis
  • CYP608 Secondary Diagnosis
  • CYP609 Coded Scored Assessment (Referral)
  • CYP610 Breastfeeding Status
  • CYP611 Observation
  • CYP612 Coded Scored Assessment (Contact)
  • CYP613 Anonymous Self-Assessment

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