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Every CYP007 Employment Status record must have an associated CYP001 patient record included in a submission file.


This is a mandated data item; the record will be rejected if it is not included within this group.

This data item is used for linkage back to the CYP001 Master Patient Index and Risk Indicators group.


[01] Employed: Employed refers to those who are employed by a company and have their National Insurance paid for directly from their wages.

It also includes those who are self-employed (i.e., those who work for themselves and generally pay their National Insurance themselves); those who are in supported employment; and those who are in permitted work (i.e., those who are in paid work and who are also receiving Incapacity Benefit). It should also include those who are unpaid family workers (i.e., those who do unpaid work for a business they own or work for a business a relative owns).

[02] Unemployed and actively Seeking Work: Unemployed refers to those who are not in paid work but are actively seeking work and are available to start or are waiting to start a paid job they have already obtained.

Other employment status codes (03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08) represent those who are economically inactive, that is, those who are not in paid work and who are not actively seeking work, or they are not available to start. See the CSDS Enhanced Technical Output Specification (ETOS) for full details.


The date when the EMPLOYMENT STATUS was recorded.

This date should change with each review even if the Employment Status remains the same. However, this is no expectation for a review to take place at every appointment.


This data item is not required for the National Obesity Audit. 

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