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Clinical audits and registries

NHS Digital runs clinical audits and registries for the health and care system in England. We help partners like the Department of Health and the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership compare the performance of health and care services against standards and national trends so that they can improve patient outcomes.

Clinical audits and registries are developed and delivered by the Clinical Audits and Registries Management Service (CARMS), working collaboratively with clinical specialists, patient representatives and universities. We are commissioned by various organisations, including government, charities and academia.

Clinical audit is a way to find out if healthcare is being provided in line with standards and lets care providers, commissioners and patients know where their service is doing well, and where there could be improvements. The aim is to allow quality improvement to take place where it will be most helpful and will improve outcomes for patients. Registries collect data  about the health status of patients and the health care they receive over varying periods of time.


Go to the Clinical Audit Platform page to find out how to submit data to our audits and registries.

Alphabetic list of clinical audits and registries

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Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry

Details of breast implant procedures completed in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland by both the NHS and private providers.


Core National Diabetes Audit

The Core National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is one of the largest annual clinical audits in the world, integrating data from both primary and secondary care sources, making it the most comprehensive audit of its kind.


Female Genital Mutilation Datasets

The Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Enhanced Dataset supports the Department of Health's FGM Prevention Programme by presenting a national picture of the prevalence of FGM in England.


Integrated Specialist Survey - guidance for trusts and health professionals

This single programme-wide survey replaces the existing organisational surveys to ease the administrative burden and streamline the collection.


National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Comprehensive audit data to support the monitoring and improvement of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation services.

National Bowel Cancer Audit

The National Bowel Cancer Audit is a high-profile, collaborative, national clinical audit for bowel cancer, including colon and rectal cancer.

National Diabetes Audit and Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDA-DPP) pilot study

This pilot looked at how GP practices record information on non-diabetic hyperglycaemia, (pre-diabetes), to identify the best way to add this data to the National Diabetes Audit dataset.

National Diabetes Audit – Integrated Specialist Survey (NDA ISS)

NHS Digital have been tasked with a deliverable to create an integrated specialist survey across the programme which encompasses all modules/workstreams.

National Diabetes Audit Programme

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) Programme was originally developed to help improve services and monitor the impact of the diabetes national service framework (NSF).

National Diabetes Foot Care Audit

The National Diabetes Footcare Audit (NDFA) enables all diabetes footcare services to measure their performance against NICE clinical guidelines and peer units, and to monitor adverse outcomes for people with diabetes who develop diabetic foot disease.

National Diabetes Inpatient Audit

A snapshot audit of diabetes inpatient care in England and Wales.

National Diabetes In-patient Audit - Harms

NaDIA-Harms is a year round collection of four harms that can occur to diabetic inpatients in England.

National Diabetes Inpatient Safety Audit

The National Diabetes Inpatient Safety Audit (NDISA) is a subset of the National Diabetes Audit (NDA) and the successor to the NaDIA Bedside and Harms collection. It captures 4 harms that can occur to inpatients with diabetes and seeks to measure the standards of inpatient diabetic care.

National Diabetes Transition Audit

The National Diabetes Transition Audit links the National Diabetes Audit and National Paediatric Diabetes Audit datasets so that the care of young people with diabetes can be tracked during the transition from paediatric diabetes services to adult diabetes services.

National Obesity Audit

The National Obesity Audit (NOA) brings together data to drive improvement in quality of care available to those living with overweight and obesity in England.

National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit

Evaluates the process of care and the outcomes of treatment for all OG cancer patients, both curative and palliative.

National Pregnancy in Diabetes Audit

Aims to support clinical teams to deliver better care and outcomes for women with diabetes who become pregnant.

National Pulmonary Hypertension Audit

Measures the quality of care, activity levels, access rates and patient outcomes of services in centres designated by the National Commissioning Group.

NHS Safety Thermometer

The safety thermometer is a measurement tool for improvement in health care, which focuses on the most common harms to patients.


Out of Area Placements (OAPs)

This audit monitors OAPs in mental health services for adults in acute in patient care to support the government's ambition to stop them by 2020-21.


Patient Experience of Diabetes Services

Part of the National Diabetes Audit, which measures patient experiences in primary care and specialist services.