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National Diabetes In-patient Audit - Harms

NaDIA-Harms is a year-round collection of four harms that can occur to diabetic inpatients in England.

This audit is part of the National Diabetes Audit Programme.


Latest Report

The first NaDIA-Harms report was published on Thursday 9 May 2019. It details participation and the number of harms, based on the six months of data collected between 1 May and 31 October 2018.


The objective of the harms collection is to reduce the rates of serious inpatient harms (severe hypoglycaemia, DKA/HHS, and new foot ulcer) by collecting and providing regular feedback to hospital trusts to inform Quality Improvement work on a monthly basis.

All acute hospitals in England, with diabetic inpatients are eligible to participate. If in doubt please contact us.


The Welsh government decided not to participate in the first year of the harms collection. Consequently, health services in Wales are not eligible to participate. We will inform all possible candidates as soon as there is a change in this situation.

How to participate

  1. Identify an audit lead for your organisation or trust.
  2. Start data collection using the NaDIA-Harms Data Collection Form.
  3. Register all staff who will submit data by completing the NaDIA-Harms User Registration Form.
  4. Submit data using the secure online submission tool, the Clinical Audit Platform - this can only be done by staff once they are confirmed as registered.


Read the Implementation Guidance for full details of how to participate and submit data.


When to collect data

The NaDIA-harms audit is a continuous data collection; you can enter data at any time but ideally harms should be entered in the same calendar month. If you miss the end of the month deadline, please enter the data as soon as possible.


Reports are now available under the ‘Submission Confirmation’ tab within the CAP data collection system. Please see ‘verifying nil submissions’ in the user documents for further details.

You can download all the data your trust has entered using the ‘extract’ function available under the ‘Reports’ tab. This will produce a CSV file which can be manipulated using Excel or equivalent software.

If you have any requirements or ideas for other reports, please get in touch via the links below.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our distribution list for the audit so that you receive updates directly, please contact the NaDIA team at

If you have registered to enter data, your details will have automatically been added to the distribution list.

Guidance for patients

User documents

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