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Community Services Data Set

As a secondary uses data set Community Services Data Set (CSDS) re-uses clinical and operational data for purposes other than direct patient care. It defines the data items, definitions and associated value sets extracted or derived from local information systems and sent to NHS Digital for analysis purposes.

Derived CCG fields and new ICB and sub-ICB location fields

Due to recent errors in the NHS Postcode Directory data, published by ONS, which is used for NHS Digital data derivation, we would like to inform you that the derived CCG fields should not be used, and the new derived ICB and sub-ICB location fields are not yet available. The new post-deadline extracts and commissioning extracts will be re-issued once the error is corrected.

Notification of forthcoming update to the CSDS Technical Output Specification (ETOS) and Post Deadline Extract Schema

We are expecting to publish an updated version of the CSDS ETOS, to account for some new derivations to reflect that Integrated Care Boards (ICB’s) have taken over all current commissioning responsibilities from CCGs from 1 July 2022, as set out in the Health and Care Act 2022.  

Look out for the updated ETOS on the CSDS Tools and Guidance pages.  The aligned Post Deadline Extract Schema will be published and released on the TRUD pages in due course.

Service summary

CSDS sets out national definitions for the extraction of data about children and adults including: 

  • personal and demographic 
  • social and personal circumstances 
  • breastfeeding and nutrition 
  • care event and screening activity 
  • diagnoses, including long-term conditions and disabilities 
  • scored assessments

These activities could take place in settings such as health centres, Sure Start centres, day care facilities, schools or community centres, mobile facilities, or a patient's own home.

CSDS v1.5 is the current version of the data set which includes data from July 2020. Headline changes from the previous version include:

  • 4 new tables
  • additional data items added (such as ‘Primary Data Collection System in Use’)
  • updates to value lists for some data items (such as ‘Person Relationship (Main Carer)’)
  • inclusion of new assessment scales (such as ‘Karnofsky Performance Status Scale’)
  • move from data submissions on the BSP to SDCS Cloud 

CSDS v1.0 includes data from October 2017 to June 2020. CSDS is an update to the previous Children and Young People's Health Services (CYPHS) dataset which includes data from September 2015 to September 2017.

How the CSDS is used

The CSDS information captured from publicly funded community services provides reliable information for:

  • local and national monitoring
  • reporting for effective commissioning
  • monitoring outcomes
  • addressing health inequalities

Tools and guidance

CSDS v1.6

CSDS v1.6 will go live for local data collection from 1 January 2023, with submissions of January 2023 data in the CSDS v1.6 format to SDCS Cloud to commence in February 2023. CSDS providers should continue to submit data using the CSDS v1.5 IDB to the SDCS Cloud until this time. 

Documentation relating to CSDS v1.6 is available. 


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