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Data sets

Our national data sets collect information from care records, systems and organisations on specific areas of health and care. This is used to inform policy and monitor and improve care.

The Department of Health and NHS England tell us to collect data so they can learn about specific areas of policy interest and measure the progress of policy initiatives. We work with these partners and groups of health and social care professionals, patients, and IT systems suppliers to design and develop these collections.

Our standards and collections section, details the assurance for all national data sets.  

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Adult Social Care Client Level Data

Client Level Data (CLD) is a curated data product containing details about Adult Social Care service users and informal carers, who are supported by local authorities in England.


Commissioning Data Sets

Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) enable national reporting on NHS funded or provided secondary care.

Community Services Data Set (CSDS)

As a secondary uses data set Community Services Data Set (CSDS) re-uses clinical and operational data for purposes other than direct patient care. It defines the data items, definitions and associated value sets extracted or derived from local information systems and sent to NHS England for analysis purposes.

Critical Care Minimum Data Set

The Critical Care Minimum Data Set is collected from all hospitals and other locations which provide all elements of critical care, to support payment, commissioning and national policy analysis.


Diagnostic Imaging Dataset (DID) data product

The DID data product is curated from data submitted to a central collection of diagnostic imaging tests carried out on NHS patients and extracted from local radiology information systems (RIS).


Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS)

The Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) is the national data set for urgent and emergency care. It replaced Accident & Emergency Commissioning Data Set (CDS type 010) and was implemented through: ECDS (CDS 6.2.2 Type 011)

Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) data product

The ECDS data product is created from data submitted to NHS England as part of the Commissioning Data Set (CDS) (CDS type 011) which is managed by the Secondary Uses Service (SUS). Detail on the data submitted and how it is processed by SUS may be found within the Enhanced TOS (ETOS). 


Female Genital Mutilation Datasets

The Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Enhanced Dataset supports the Department of Health's FGM Prevention Programme by presenting a national picture of the prevalence of FGM in England.


Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) is a curated data product containing details about admissions, outpatient appointments and historical accident and emergency attendances at NHS hospitals in England.


Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Data Set

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Data Set provides IAPT service providers and their system suppliers easy access to the information they need to implement the IAPT data set and submit IAPT services data.


Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS)

The Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) is a patient-level data set that captures information about activity carried out by Maternity Services relating to a mother and baby(s), from the point of the first booking appointment until mother and baby(s) are discharged from maternity services. 

Medicines dispensed in Primary Care NHS Business Services Authority data product

Medicines dispensed in Primary Care is a curated data product created from patient-level data about medicines dispensed and claimed for in community settings (predominantly community pharmacy) from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS)

Find provider and commissioner extracts, and publications, from the Mental Health Services Data Set. The Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS) collects data from the health records of individual children, young people and adults who are in contact with mental health services.


National Perioperative Data Standard Programme

NHS England is working to identify, collect and submit national perioperative data from NHS, private providers in England and across the devolved nations to generate UK wide coverage.

National Workforce Data Set (NWD) and NHS Occupation Codes

We maintain the National Workforce Data set (NWD) and the NHS Occupation Codes, which together specify the data standards for NHS workforce information, including implementation within the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set

The Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set (NCCMDS) provides a record of what happens to a patient when they receive neonatal critical care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Maternity Ward or Neonatal Transitional Care Ward.

NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) Patient Level Data Set

The NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) Data Set is a patient level, output based, secondary uses data set which aims to deliver robust, comprehensive, nationally consistent, and comparable person- based information for people (over the age of 18 years) accessing NHS CHC services and NHS-funded Nursing Care located in England.


Paediatric Critical Care Minimum Data Set

The Paediatric Critical Care Minimum Data Set (PCCMDS) records what happens to a patient when they receive paediatric critical care in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) or other critical care setting suitable for children.