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Diagnostic Imaging Data Set

The Diagnostic Imaging Dataset (DID) is a central collection of detailed information about diagnostic imaging tests carried out on NHS patients, extracted from local radiology information systems and submitted monthly.

It captures information about referral source and patient type, details of the test (type of test and body site), demographic information such as GP registered practice, patient postcode, ethnicity, gender and date of birth, plus items about waiting times for each diagnostic imaging event, from time of test request through to time of reporting.

Data collection

All NHS providers are required to submit diagnostic imaging data to NHS Digital, through an upload portal, as mandated by the Challenging Burden Service and Monitor. 

We collect this on behalf of NHS England, who provide further information about the data set on the NHS England DID web page.

The DID enables analysis of demographic and geographic variation in access to different test types and different providers. Further information on the benefits of DID are available via the DID website.

Data collected

The data set includes information on imaging tests carried out from 1 April 2012. It does not include the images that are produced as a result of these tests.

For a full description of each of the fields available in DID, please see the DID extract data dictionary.

The data is linked to Hospital Episode Statistics, through the HES-DID linkage.  This enables users to analyse acute secondary care pathways for patients receiving diagnostic imaging tests in England. This analysis could help to identify trends and variation in patient outcomes and be used to improve services for patients.

The linkage adheres to strict information governance procedures and customers have to make a formal application and sign a legally binding data sharing contract to access the data.

HES-DID Linkage summary statistics

HES-DID Linkage summary statistics are updated on a monthly basis.

Accessing the data

Aggregated data at Trust level is available via the NHS England DID webpage.

The detailed data, including that which is linked through the Hospital episode statistics, is only available through the Data Access Request Service, and users have to prove a valid legal case for needing access to the information.

Data quality

A DID Data Quality Report is managed and produced by NHS England.

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