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Summary Care Record application (SCRa)

An application which allows health and care professionals to view clinical and demographic information.

What SCRa is

SCRa is a web based application which allows health and care professionals to view clinical and demographic information using:

SCRa provides a way to view a Summary Care Record (SCR).

SCR can also be accessed using integrated viewers in existing clinical systems, for example Adastra (Advanced Health and Care), Web (EMIS) and SystmOne (TPP).

How to use SCRa

To use SCRa, a user requires a smartcard, passcode and relevant role for authentication.

Connection requirements

To access SCRa, you will need:

Connecting community pharmacies

NHS Digital is working to make sure all community pharmacies can view Summary Care Records (SCR). See the Summary Care Record (SCR) in community pharmacy page for full details.

Contact details

Please email your enquiries to: and reference the SCRa.

Further information

internal Summary Care Record application (SCRa) private beta

SCRa is a free NHS service to provide a way for health and care professionals to access a patient’s medical information at the point of care. The use of mobile devices to access this information is being tested by limited groups of health and care professionals in a variety of settings ('private beta').

Last edited: 18 May 2021 12:28 pm