GP Connect


GP Connect is a service that will allow GP practices and authorised clinical staff to share and view GP practice clinical information and data between IT systems, quickly and efficiently. This will make sure patient medical information is available to clinicians when and where they need it, improving patient care.

The GP Connect programme is supporting the development of products which will enable different systems to communicate so that clinicians in different care settings can:

  • view a patient’s GP practice record
  • manage GP appointments
  • import or download data on a patient’s medicines and allergies

This will save time for clinicians, and provide better, more convenient care for patients. It will also help meet targets under NHS England’s Improving Access To General Practice programme.

GP Connect APIs

GP Connect has worked with GP clinical system suppliers to develop Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs make data from clinical systems available in a standard form so that it can be used across different systems and be made available to clinicians who need access to the data for direct patient care.

Pilot using the GP Connect APIs

The GP Connect programme is now supporting the development of products that connect with the APIs to use data from patient records and appointment schedulers for patient care by integrating it or importing it into local clinical systems.

We’re working with selected partnerships of health and care organisations and software suppliers. Partnerships will use the APIs to develop technical solutions to local issues with sharing patient records and appointment booking across system boundaries.

We’ve developed a process called ‘First of Type’ to support this development and provide assurance for these early products.

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  1. internal

    Getting involved with GP Connect

    We are supporting partnerships of health and care organisations and software suppliers to develop products that can use the data made available by the GP Connect APIs.

  2. external

    GP Connect GitHub site

    Visit our site for developers to find out technical information on the GP Connect APIs and the processes for development, testing and assurance of new GP Connect products.