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GP Connect

GP Connect is a service that allows authorised clinical staff to share and view GP practice clinical information and data between IT systems, quickly and efficiently.

The service makes patient medical information available to all appropriate clinicians when and where they need it to support direct patient care, leading to improvements in both care and outcomes.

We're helping primary care organisations share appointments with the COVID Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS), Extended Access Hubs and NHS 111 to meet targets set out in the GMS contract around direct booking.

We’ve enabled 97% of GP practices in England for:

  • Access Record: HTML which allows clinicians to view a read-only version of the patient’s detailed GP practice record
  • Appointment Management which allows organisations to you share and manage their appointments to support joined up patient care

We’re also seeing the benefits of the service in secondary care where access to a patient’s GP records is helping clinicians improve decisions and save time. Find out more about this.

We’re committed to deliver the following additional functionality across all GP clinical systems:

  • the capacity to import or download data on a patient’s medicines and allergies with Access Record: Structured
  • Send Document allows systems to automatically send a consultation summary back to the patient’s registered practice in the form of a PDF document, detailing the consultation and actions taken. 

These products will save time for clinicians, and provide better, more convenient care for patients. It will also help meet targets under NHS England’s Improving Access to General Practice programme.

The programme is supporting Extended Access Providers, the creation of Primary Care Networks and the Local Health Care Record Exemplar approaches highlighted in the NHS Long Term Plan.

You can see a GP Connect consumer system demonstrator that shows what GP Connect may look like when integrated with an electronic patient record (EPR) or Trust portal system. 

The programme team is now looking at how we can extend our current products and introduce additional services to better meet the interoperability needs of health and care organisations. We’ll share the outputs of this project in due course. 


We’d like your help in shaping the future of GP Connect - join our webinars on 2 July and 9 July 2020

The GP Connect programme is looking at how we develop our products. We’ve had feedback that sharing tasks and actions between primary care and other settings would be of benefit – especially in the context of Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Networks. 

We are hosting two webinars to present our findings and to seek further input to the following questions:

  • How are tasks requested? 
  • What are the problems areas? 

Our objective is to better understand the challenges around how health and care organisations share actions for patient’s health care. 

Webinar 1 - How are tasks and actions shared now? - 2 July 2020 14:00 – 15:00

Our first webinar will share scenarios and personas and how tasks and actions are currently shared between health care settings. We would recommend that if you are planning to join any of these webinars that you start with this one to understand the concepts we will be discussing.

Webinar 2 - A map of challenges and needs in sharing tasks - 9 July 14:00 – 15:00

The second webinar will discuss a map of challenges and user needs in sharing of tasks and actions between various health care settings that interface with primary care.

Register for these webinars.

Help us shape the future of GP Connect

The GP Connect team are in the initial stages of planning and research for the future development of the product and potential creation of new products. To help us to make the very best products to support wider use of GP Connect, we need input from you to help us shape what comes next.

We’re particularly interested in the needs of Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Services, but we welcome input from a wide group of roles and professionals, so whether you’re delivering care or building systems if you’re interested in using digital tools to improve patient outcomes we have a team waiting to speak to you.

If you would like to get involved in shaping the future of interoperable healthcare, please send us your contact details and a brief summary of your role to

13 May 2020 – supporting the NHS response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’ve enabled GP Connect on EMIS and TPP GP clinical systems to meet the operational requirements of the Covid Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS).

GP practices need to configure GP Connect to allow appointment sharing with CCAS so patients suspected of suffering from coronavirus (COVID-19) can be referred to their GP.

We are working with Microtest and Vision to have this functionality available on their GP clinical systems.

Find out what you need to do to get appointment sharing working.


13 February 2020 - HTML 0.7.2 upgrade notice

We have listened to feedback from people using the Access Record: HTML product. As a result, we will be introducing changes to the layout and content of some of the HTML views you’re used to seeing. These focus on the Medications, Problems and Issues, and Summary Views.

As what you see is determined by your system owner, what you see will vary but the changes being made will provide additional information where it was missing and some restructuring of existing data to improve visibility. For example, on Summary View, you told us that having the patient’s last three consultations information visible at the top of the page would be better. So that’s what we’re doing.

You can find out more about the specific changes being made on the Access Record HTML 0.7.2 upgrade page.

30 September 2019 - Full Rollout Approval has been achieved by EMIS for their Appointment Management capability

This follows extensive First of Type testing of the capability.

With this development, GP Connect Appointment Management is now available across the TPP and EMIS estate in England – approximately 95 per cent of the market. This is a significant step in how GP Connect’s support for the Improving Access to GP Practices agenda.  Appointment Management will make it simpler for primary care networks to view and book appointments for patients across the network. It also supports appointment bookings via supporting services such as NHS 111.

2 September 2019 - Integrated Urgent Care Direct Booking Roadshow

The GP Connect team is looking forward to supporting this series of events being organised by NHS England and NHS Improvement. These free sessions are designed to help GP Practices prepare for the direct booking of some GP appointments from NHS 111 which will start to be available from October. The events are listed below and you can read more information on the event webpage.

Direct booking of some urgent GP appointments from NHS 111 will start to become available from October 2019. NHS England and NHS Improvement are working with practices across the country to make sure they are ready for the change, including overcoming the technical issues some practices may face.

Events are taking place in:

21 August 2019 - TPP achieve Full Rollout Approval for their Appointment Management capability

The GP Connect team is pleased to announce that Full Rollout Approval has been achieved with TPP for their Appointment Management capability in support of the GP Connect Programme.

Appointment Management is an important deliverable for GP Connect in support of the Improving Access to GP Practices agenda. Appointment Management will make it simpler for primary care networks to view and book appointments for patients across the network. It also supports appointment bookings via supporting services such as NHS 111.

21 August 2019 - Survey results for prioritisation development of our Access Record: Structured capability

At GP Connect, we recently asked for feedback on how we should prioritise the 12 clinical areas we had identified for the development of our Access Record: Structured capability.

The results of our survey are now in and we are grateful for those of you who participated. We also wanted to share these and to update you on how this has informed our development priorities.

The good news is that Problems, Consultations, Uncategorised Data and Immunisations ranked high in your priorities and we already have a detailed specification for these that we published at the end of June 2019.

Pathology, Documents and Outbound Referrals were also identified as high priority and a specification is due to be published for these by the end of September 2019.

The remaining areas including ‘Flags/Alerts, Appointments, Test Requests, Diary Entry, Demographics, Patient Consent and Incoming referrals’ will be completed, and a specification published by the end of December 2019.

Our decision-making process considered which capabilities would provide maximum clinical benefit as well as your feedback.

Please note:  Meds and Allergies was ranked number one priority. The specification for this has already been published  and build with a number of suppliers is in an advanced state.

Please contact us at should you have any questions relating to this.

EMIS achieves full roll-out approval for their Access Record: HTML

EMIS has achieved full roll-out approval for their Access Record: HTML capability as part of the GP Connect programme for their EMIS Web clinical system.

This is another  important step in delivering the government's vision of better supporting clinical care by opening up information and data held within GP Practice IT core systems. More information will follow soon.

TPP becomes the first GP system supplier to achieve full roll-out approval for Access Record: HTML

We are delighted to announce that TPP has become the first GP system supplier to achieve full roll-out approval for Access Record: HTML as part of NHS Digital’s GP Connect programme. The programme ensures that staff across the NHS can access vital information from GP practice records.

This full roll-out approval marks a major step forward for the GP Connect programme and the national interoperability initiative. It will help to deliver better care for patients across care settings and improve coordination between staff working across primary care networks.

GP Connect Access Record: HTML now integrated with Adastra clinical patient management system

GP Connect Access Record: HTML is now integrated with the Adastra clinical patient management system. This means 111 and Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) service providers will be able to view a patient’s up-to-date record held by their own GP and given access to a range of important information about a patient including encounters, allergies, medications, referrals and more.

Find out more about GP Connect Access Record: HTML

Case studies

GP Connect APIs

GP Connect has worked with GP clinical system suppliers to develop Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

These APIs make data from clinical systems available in a standard form so that it can be used across different systems and be made available to clinicians who need access to the data for direct patient care.

GP Connect specifications for developers and associated artefacts

Testing the GP Connect APIs

The GP Connect programme is supporting the development of APIs to access data from General Practice patient records and appointment books for direct patient care.

We are working with both health and care organisations and software suppliers to develop technical solutions to local issues by sharing patient records and appointment booking functionality across system and healthcare setting boundaries.

Progress to date

The intention is that GP Connect capabilities will be available for commission from GP System Suppliers across England subject to successful development, assurance, testing and First of Type (FOT). In the first instance, suppliers, end users and commissioners should contact the programme team to register an interest and discuss their use case in more detail.

The table below provides more information on the status of each of the capabilities the GP Connect Programme will deliver by clinical system. This refers to progress to date on the GP system supplier side 

Provider supplier

Clinical system

Access record: HTML

Appointment management

Access record: Structured



Full roll-out approved

Full roll-out approved

In first of type


EMIS web

Full roll-out approved Full roll-out approved

In first of type


Vision 3

FOT ready 


FOT ready



FOT ready 



Consumer supplier progress

Supplier Product name Product version Access record HTML GP Connect HTML spec version Appointment management GP Connect Appointment Spec version Access record structured GP Connect Spec version GP Connect Send Document GP Connect Send Document Spec version
EMIS EMIS Health   Ready 0.7.2 Ready 1.2.7 -      
TPP SystmOne   Ready 0.7.2 Ready 1.2.7 -      
In Practice Vision       -   -      
Microtest Evolution    Ready 0.5.2

In development

Advanced Adastra 3.29.0 Ready 0.5.0

In hours direct booking ready 

EA Hubs direct booking in 

IC24 Cleo   Ready  0.5.0

In hours direct booking -ready 

EA Hubs direct booking planned 

1.2.2 -      
Cleric Computer Services Cleric Patient Services 5.6 Ready 0.5.2

In hours direct booking ready 

EA Hubs direct booking - not ready

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust     In Assurance 0.7.2            
AT Tech  Dr IQ   In Assurance 0.7.2  In Assurance  1.2.7 In assurance​ 1.2.7 In Assurance 1.3.0
Push Doctor   v1.0 Ready 0.5.2 -   Ready  1.2.3 In Assurance 1.3.0
InterSystems     Ready 0.5.2 -   Ready 1.2.3    
Lorenzo     -   -   In assurance 1.2.3    
Servelec Connexes API Platform v1.0 Ready 0.5.2     -      
Cambridge GP Connect   Ready 0.5.2            
Restart Viper   In assurance 0.5.2            
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust SeeEHR 1.8 Ready 0.5.2            
MIS-ES     In Assurance 0.7.2 In Assurance 1.2.7        
Yorkshire and Humber     Ready (API Only) 0.7.2 In Assurance 1.2.7 In Assurance  1.2.7    
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust      In Assurance 0.5.0             
Appt Health          In Assurance 1.27        
EMIS Symphony     In Assurance 1.2.7            
Medical Management Systems  MeDBase Lite 1 Ready 0.72         In Assurance  1.3.0
Devon Partnerships NHS Trust              In Assurance  1.2.7     
Riviam     In Assurance  0.7.2            

Getting involved

Find out how to get involved in GP Connect and what you need to know about the project.

GP Connect utilisation

Average response times across all live supplier systems are in line with the published GP Connect service level agreements (SLAs). 

The following figures are accurate as of 06 August 2020.

Image for infographic Access Record: HTML
Access Record: HTML

4,370,009 patient records have been viewed


6,589 (97%) GP Practices in England have been enabled to share records

Image for infographic Appointment management
Appointment management

90,255 appointments have been booked for patients and 6,387 (94%) GP Practices in England have engaged in an appointment transaction (such as searching for free slots)


6,581 (97%) GP Practices in England have been enabled to share appointments

Region code Region name HTML technical go live HTML business go live Appointments technical go live Appointments business go live
Y56 London  commissioning region  1,187 1,148 1,187 1,185
Y58 South West commissioning region  572 522 573 537
Y59 South East commissioning region  840 753 841 766
Y60 Midlands commissioning region  1,302 1,303 1,298 1,272
Y61 East of England commissioning region  685 621 676 666
Y62 North West commissioning region  969 950 972 976
Y63 North East and Yorkshire commissioning region  1,034 980 1,034 985


South Central Ambulance Service data (31 July to 06 August 2020)
Access to HTML 6737
Search for free slots 184
Booked create appointments 58

Contact details

Contact the team (opens in a new window) and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Further information

  1. internal

    Getting involved with GP Connect

    We are supporting partnerships of health and care organisations and software suppliers to develop products that can use the data made available by the GP Connect APIs.

  2. internal

    GP Connect information for patients

    Patient information on changes to who can access your GP record to support health and care in the response to the coronvirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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