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The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for people to access a range of NHS services on their smartphone or tablet.

Top tasks

GP practice staff: use our guidance to give your patients the best possible user experience with the NHS App.

Patients should visit for the latest patient information.

Communications staff: A national promotional campaign has now launched - use our posters and other resources to encourage patients to download and use the NHS App.

Track uptake and use of the NHS App with the NHS App dashboard.

Latest news

Features of the NHS App

The NHS App enables people to:

Patients can register and verify their identity so they can:

  • book and manage appointments at their GP practice
  • order their repeat prescriptions
  • view their GP medical record securely

The NHS App is now available to the public on Google Play and Apple app stores.

Find out more about the future developments planned for the NHS App.

Connecting GP practices to the NHS App

All practices have now been connected.

To help ensure that patients have a positive experience of the NHS App we are asking practices to prepare before they promote the app to patients. All practices should do this, whatever clinical system they use. Practices should brief staff so they are able to support patients, and check their systems to make sure that appointments are available to book and are named so patients understand what they are. Further information is available in our guidance for GP practices and guidance for CCGs.

Faces of the NHS App

We are proud to have a range of front line NHS professionals helping us increase awareness and encourage use of the NHS App. Find out more about them on the Faces of the NHS App page.

Future developments

NHS App and patient choice

A range of digital tools is available alongside the NHS App, giving people an important choice in how they access GP services online.

Further information

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  2. internal

    Guidance for GP practices on the NHS App

    Check your systems, find out what staff need to know, get posters and other materials to tell your patients about the app, and find out the benefits to your practice.

  3. internal

    NHS App for suppliers

    We're working with suppliers of technology to the NHS to make sure the NHS App can integrate with services they provide.

  4. internal

    NHS App pilot research findings

    Report on research from the pilot phase of the project, and how it was used to test and improve the user experience of the NHS App, and plan effective support for GP practices

  5. internal

    Faces of the NHS App

    Meet our Faces of the NHS App and learn more about their stories and why they recommend you try the app yourself.

  6. internal

    NHS App dashboard

    Health and care staff can track uptake and use of the NHS App with the NHS App dashboard.

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