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The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for people to access a range of NHS services on their smartphone or tablet.

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This information is for people working in health and care. Patients should visit for the latest patient information.

Features of the NHS App

People can:

If their GP practice is connected, they can register and verify their identity so they can:

NHS login

The NHS App is the first major platform to use NHS login, a single, easy to use system for verifying the identity of people who request access to digital health records and services. Most people aged 16 or over will be able to verify their identity and register through NHS login.

When all functions of the NHS App will be available

The NHS App is now available to the public on Google Play and Apple app stores.

GP practices are being connected to the app gradually following a successful pilot.

All functions of the app should be fully available across England by 1 July 2019, after all GP practices are connected.

Some clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have volunteered to go live in early 2019, as we continue to test and improve the process. Most practices will go live between April and June 2019.

Downloading the app before a practice is connected

Everyone can download and use the app to check their symptoms and find out what to do if they need help urgently. People will not be able to use all the functions until their GP practice is connected to the app.

Patients can check if their GP practice is connected when they open the app for the first time. If the practice isn’t connected, patients can leave an email address and will be notified when it is. They will then be able to register and use all the functions of the app.

Connecting GP practices to the NHS App

For someone to use all the features of the app, their GP practice must be connected to the app with its unique identifying code.

We will be asking practices to review some of their system settings before they are connected, so that patients have a positive experience when using the app. We are working with practices to develop full guidance for practice managers and staff.

NHS England and NHS Digital are working closely with CCGs, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), professional bodies and other stakeholders to agree and communicate the rollout schedule, and ensure that the right support is in place as practices are connected to the app.

The pilot

The app was successfully tested by more than 3,000 patients from 34 GP practices across 16 CCGs between September and December 2018.

During the pilot, we collected feedback from GP practice staff and patients about the impact of the app. We’ve used this to improve the app and the go-live process for practices.

We'll publish details of the research we conducted during the pilot, in early 2019.

We’ll continue to collect feedback during the wider roll-out of the app, so we can improve the patient experience and the support for practices.

Future developments

More functions and features will be added to the NHS App over time. Subscribe to our general practice bulletin to keep up to date.

Further information

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    NHS App webinars

    NHS England webinars for staff working in the NHS, primary care, GP practices and local authorities, who are affected by the NHS App.

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