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Tell your patients about the NHS App

The NHS App promotional toolkit is designed to help you tell your patients about the NHS App and help them get started.

Do more with the NHS App banner

The NHS App is undergoing some changes as part of a redesign. All services will still be available, but they may be accessed slightly differently, and we will be updating some materials as soon as possible to reflect the changes.

NHS App promotional toolkit

This toolkit will help you explain what the NHS App can do for your patients and provide support in using those services. We’ve got videos, posters, step-by-step guides, digital images and message templates to help you talk about the app.

We’re organising the toolkit into 'promotional packs' focused on some of the app’s key services and we will be releasing new packs to explain new functions as they are launched.

Tell your patients about other NHS App services

Toolkit basics

Download the whole toolkit

Last edited: 25 March 2024 8:23 am