HSCN business applications suppliers


This page provides details of suppliers offering replacement overlay or business application services. It is part of the HSCN business applications guidance and is aimed at all organisations moving to HSCN from N3.

Historically, the N3 and Transition Network service provider (BT) delivered a small number of business application services also known as “overlays” as a set of catalogue options for consumers. These comprised:

  • N3 Voice - Hosted Voice Services (HVS) and Local Gateway Services (LGS)
  • N3 Video Conferencing (VC) services
  • N3 Remote Access Solution virtual private network (VPN) tokens
  • N3 Other Overlays - including routers, cards, ports, managed firewalls, WiFi and local area networks (LANs) 
  • N3 Site to Site VPNs (Tunnels)

As a customer migrates from N3 to the HSCN each N3 contracted overlay service will require individual actions. Full guidance on replacing these services can be found on the N3 overlays replacement guidance.

Business applications by supplier

The table below lists the HSCN business application services offered by each supplier, their contact details and links to further details of the services they offer.

This is not an exhaustive list. Details of other suppliers can be found on the CCS Network Services RM1045 ‘Suppliers by Lot’ and G-Cloud website

Detailed guidance on procuring replacement services can be found under the Main routes to market for overlay replacements section of the N3 overlays replacement guidance page.

Last updated 22 August 2018.

Supplier name Email Phone Voice Video Remote access solutions
4net Technologies Ltd publicsector@4net-technologies.com 0161 864 5130 Yes Yes  
8x8 Global Cloud Communications uk-publicsector@8x8.com 0207 096 6000 Yes Yes  
Adept tenders@adept.co.uk 0800 112 4000 Yes Yes Yes
BT gssb@bt.com 0800 032 0024 Yes Yes Yes
CenturyLink David.Solomon@centurylink.com 07721 235955 Yes Yes Yes
GCI enquiries@gcicom.net 01923 654321 Yes    
Digital Communication Systems davel@digital-com.co.uk 0191 209 4444 Yes    
Exponential-e psbids@exponential-e.com 0845 470 4001 Yes Yes Yes
HighSpeed Office (hSo) info@hso.co.uk 0207 845 4510 Yes   Yes
Interoute tenders@Easynet.com 01344 543700  Yes Yes Yes
Logicalis pete.davis@uk.logicalis.com 07710 935536 Yes Yes Yes
Maintel mandi.wood@maintel.co.uk 01922 658690 Yes Yes  
TalkTalk Business ccs@talktalkbusiness.co.uk 0300 3331002 Yes    
Telefonica O2 colin.maher@Telefonica.com 07789 271509 Yes Yes Yes
Verizon Simon.armstrong@uk.verizon.com 07775 410878 Yes Yes  
Vodafone frameworksteam@vodafone.com   Yes Yes Yes

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