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Gamma – replacing N3 overlays for HSCN

Gamma logo

Gamma are a network services (RM1045) supplier offering replacement N3 overlay services.

Disclaimer: This content is based on information provided by the supplier and is not endorsed by NHS Digital.

Our Approach

To provide low cost next generation voice services with business continuity and free UK calls as standard.

Voice services – N3 Hosted Voice Service and Local Gateway Services replacements

N3 HVS & LGS replacements: Gamma is the UK market leader in SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX solutions.

Products by name

Gamma SIP Trunks provide PSTN access with free UK & Mobile calls and a choice of innovative resilient designs. 

Gamma’s Horizon Robust Cloud PBX integrates with a variety of CRM systems including EMIS Health.

How do I procure?

You can find Gamma on RM1045 (lots 1,3,4,5,6,8,9 & 10), G- Cloud 9/10 and KCS Y18004 Telephony Systems and Associated Services.

Supplier’s contact phone number: 0333 014 0555

Supplier’s email address: 

Last edited: 5 October 2018 8:57 am