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Verizon - replacing N3 overlays for HSCN

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Verizon are a network services (RM1045) supplier offering replacement N3 overlay services.

Disclaimer: This content is based on information provided by the supplier and is not endorsed by NHS Digital.

Our approach

Verizon's approach is to engage fully with the business keeping the roles, responsibilities and processes at the heart of the solution, echoing organisational strategy and using technology as a facilitator.

Voice services – N3 Hosted Voice Service and Local Gateway Services replacements

Verizon Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions give you control and flexibility with single number reach. We also offer unified clients such as Cisco Jabber and Microsoft® Lync®. Enjoy more control of calls between fixed and mobile stations in the cloud with flexible alternate telephone number configuration options and features such as call forwarding.

Trunk capacity is essential for large-scale voice solutions. Leverage our Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks (BEST) concurrent call resources so they’re available to share across your regional sites. You can also exceed your concurrent-call limit dynamically with BEST+, helping you maintain customer service, control costs and reduce the risk of blocked calls.

We provide the communication services your organization needs wherever you do business, including web conferencing, telepresence and more. As a leader in security solutions, we also have built-in features and monitoring tools to help keep your data and your communications secure. Our solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements and architecture, with end-to-end planning and design.

Choose VoIP that comes with a reliable network

We continually invest in our VoIP network. In the U.S., we serve over 360 metropolitan markets. Outside the U.S., Verizon VoIP can serve as a public switched telephone network (PSTN) replacement in 15 countries including the UK with full features and value-added services. VoIP service is also available in India for outbound international long distance and offnet calling.

We have the expansive reach your business needs. Our network is designed with efficiency in mind, one available whenever and wherever you’re doing business. A complete communications solution should expand with the number of users you have and with your geographical requirements. It should provide you with the information you need to make critical business decisions. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the services your business needs or on where they can go. We offer a complete VoIP solution that allows you to get closer to your customers and equip your workforce with the collaboration tools they require to give you a competitive advantage - wherever you do business.

Choose VoIP with competitive features

Our communications solution provides:

  • support for in-country telephony services as a true PSTN replacement while also offering multi-site, multi-country centralised or decentralised designs
  • auto-dialer support
  • Strong business continuity features and more

Your customers want to connect with you on their terms, and nowadays, that means more than just over the phone. Your mobile and distributed workers need more innovative ways to communicate and collaborate too. You need a unified communications (UC) strategy. VoIP solutions are the platform to support a complete UC strategy. They include tools that let you do business around the world and deliver richer experiences to customers.

But not all VoIP is the same.

With Verizon VoIP, you’ll get a powerful suite of reliable hosted features for business continuity, planning and mobility. You’ll also create a platform for video and web conferencing. Best of all, you can simplify your communication operations and drive your business forward without spending a fortune on network infrastructure.

With Verizon VoIP and our inherently resilient network, you can have multi-layer business continuity features with flexible failover and routing options. An efficient communications solution allows you to constantly monitor, improve, streamline and manage your network assets. Our VoIP management tools help you assess the needs of your network and streamline your business operations so you can spend less time focusing on building your infrastructure and more time focusing on business goals. You can manage subscribers and devices across multiple locations, analyse traffic and identify idle capacity, determine peak utilization periods and generate global reports.

Get the help you need to make it all happen

A comprehensive VoIP solution comes with adequate support to help you through the design, implementation and management phases. Our VoIP professionals can help you build a complete solution and in the unlikely event of a problem, we’re accountable for resolving the issue. We have more than 14 years’ experience in designing, implementing and supporting business-grade VoIP solutions - solutions used by 64% of the top 100 Fortune 1000 companies and companies of all sizes. We have over 80,000 active VoIP sites, more than 6,000 customers around the globe and manage over 2,000 orders monthly.

Get tools to keep your business running - and improving

We know you need to maintain business continuity across your organization. We support redundancy at the equipment, access, network and transport layers, and can provide extra resiliency.

Discover how Verizon VoIP solutions can help your business reach its full communications potential

Contact your local sales representative, or visit:

A solid communications platform starts with choosing a provider that has experience and reach. By combining our international reach with an array of communication tools, we give you the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs today and in the future.

Product name

Verizon Voice Services

Video conference services – N3 managed video services replacements

Our Open Video Communications offering delivers a flexible video solution to companies of all sizes. It enables carrier grade visual collaboration between disparate endpoints over both private and public networks. With our Open Video Communications Service, you can interact and visually collaborate “in person” with others around the world utilizing a wide array of high-definition video endpoints.

It enables collaboration with remote participants: colleagues, suppliers, customers and business partners – and serves as the “translator” among endpoints from different manufacturers, facilitating interoperability “behind the scenes”, so you need not concern yourself with what type of endpoint your partners may have, or what type of network they are using.

Open Video Communications supports a wide spectrum of applications and needs. From a one-on-one video conference using tablets connected over the public internet to large multi-point conferences with TelePresence endpoints sitting on an Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Whether a user is at home, in the office or on the road, Open Video Communications can support the video conferencing needs of your users.

Open Video Communications can help strengthen the connection between you and your clients, and expand your global presence through our multipoint or point-to-point connection services. Our service provides a visual communication advantage, enabling users to pick-up the subtlest of communications clues, helping deepen relationships and enhancing your messaging, using both verbal and non-verbal communication.

You can keep busy executives accessible and the sales force informed. Engineers will be able to discuss and demonstrate the latest advances in technology. Customer service representatives will be able to review client issues with their department and address these issues immediately - before the customer raises a red flag.

A full range of implementation and education services is available. These targeted programs, developed to meet specific customer requirements, help conferencing users increase individual and overall productivity, improve business agility and accelerate decision-making time.

Product name

Verizon Open Video Conferencing Services

How do I procure?

Verizon provide service through RM1045b and G-Cloud.

Contact details

Supplier's contact number: 07775 410878

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