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BT - replacing N3 overlays for HSCN

BT are a network services (RM1045) supplier offering replacement N3 overlay services.

Disclaimer: This content is based on information provided by the supplier and is not endorsed by NHS Digital.


We want to help health and care professionals achieve a smarter digital future, wherever they are – on the hospital campus, in the GP surgery, or out in the community. Our networks, cloud services and collaboration tools enable information to be accessed, shared and used so that teams can work together securely and more effectively to improve the lives of the people they serve.

Voice services – N3 Hosted Voice Service and Local Gateway Services replacements

BT offers a wide range of cloud, hosted and on-premise voice services available to fulfil a broad range of customer requirements.

Products by name

BT SIP (Supplier Id: RM1045-L5-BT0007 & RM1045-L5-BT0055)
BT Unify On-Premise* (Supplier Id: RM1045-L5-BT0010)
BT Inbound Services (Supplier Id: RM1045-L4-BT0016)
BT One Cloud Contact (Supplier Id: RM1045-L5-BT0021)
BT Cloud Contact PCI (Supplier Id: RM1045-L5-BT0061)
HSCN Cloud Cisco* (Supplier Id: RM1045-L5-BT0074)
BT Avaya On-Premise* (Supplier Id: RM1045-L5-BT0075)
EE Mobility Services (Supplier Id: RM1045-LOT6-SSO-EE)

*expecting to make available shortly

Video conference services – N3 managed video services replacements

BT offers a wide range of solutions to simply and effectively engage with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners or any other ‘virtual’ team members either via your very own personal meeting room, small or larger gatherings, such as all hands calls, internal announcements, presentations and training.

Products by name

BT MeetMe and WebEx (Supplier Id: 453985488103169)
BT Managed Event Conferencing (Supplier Id: (292008736136543)
BT Video Bridging (Supplier Id: 132260582469088)

Remote access solutions – N3 virtual private network (VPN) token solution replacements

BT offers a wide range of security solutions including remote access solutions which allow customer users to securely access intranet connected systems and applications.

Products by name

BT Secure Access Cloud (Supplier Id: 544321719673841)
Security Cyber Vulnerability Investigations (Supplier Id: 410756953568231)

How do I procure?

The above services can be procured via Direct Award from the network services RM1045 catalogue or the G-Cloud catalogue RM1557. Please contact your BT Account Team via phone 0800 032 0024 or email us at quoting “HSCN Overlays” for further details.

Some services listed may be limited to supply over a BT network.

Contact details

Supplier’s contact phone number: 0800 032 0024

Supplier's email address:

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