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CenturyLink - replacing N3 overlays for HSCN

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CenturyLink are a network services (RM1045) supplier offering replacement N3 overlay services.

Disclaimer: This content is based on information provided by the supplier and is not endorsed by NHS Digital.

Our approach

CenturyLink provide a range of voice, unified communication and collaboration services allowing customers to migrate at their own pace.

Voice services – N3 Hosted Voice Service and Local Gateway Services replacements

Centurylink offer a range of voice solutions that are Public Services Network (PSN) certified with security at the core.

Products by name

Voice Complete: CenturyLink’s SIP trunking service
Voice Complete Telephony: CenturyLink’s hosted IP telephony platform
Skype for Business: CenturyLink’s hosted unified communications platform

Video conference services – N3 managed video services replacements

CenturyLink offer a range of video conferencing solutions, including video hardware which can be found using the link below.

CenturyLink has also formed a partnership with BlueJeans to provide a cloud based and highly scalable video conferencing service.

Remote access solutions – N3 virtual private network (VPN) token solution replacements

CenturyLink provide a range of hosted security solutions to protect our customers.

Adaptive Network Security (ANS) service: includes secure connectivity via the Internet into private VPNs.

How do I procure?

CenturyLink Services can be procured via RM1045 or GCloud.

Contact details

Supplier's contact phone number: 07721 235955

Supplier's email address:

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