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NHS Vacancy Statistics (and previous NHS Vacancies Survey)


NHS Vacancy Statistics (and previous NHS Vacancies Survey)

Statistical Change Notice – 26/04/2019

The NHS Vacancy Statistics publication is to be enhanced to become a compendium of different healthcare workforce vacancy related information. Alongside the official statistics based on data extracted from NHS Jobs and the Electronic Staff Records system related to advertised vacancies and vacant posts respectively, it shall also include management information (MI) collected and published by NHS Improvement related to vacancies for NHS Trusts. It is intended to add additional data sources to the compendium as they become available – for example data extracted from the TRAC recruitment management system.

The change to include the NHS Improvement MI data requires that the publication frequency changes from being a biannual publication to a quarterly publication. Therefore, the next NHS Vacancy Statistics publication for data to the end of March 2019 will now be published on May the 30th, and not during July as would have previously been the case. Future publications are intended to then follow this same quarterly pattern, to be published roughly two months after the data end date.

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