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NHS Vacancy Statistics England February 2015 - March 2020, Experimental Statistics

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Due to current resource constraints and organisational changes at NHS Digital, the scope of the last two publications in the series (released at the end of November 2019 and February 2020) were considerably reduced and limited to include:

  • High-level Key Facts for NHS Jobs data
  • The standard CSV file for NHS Jobs data which normally accompanies the publication
  • A truncated Excel file containing NHS England and NHS Improvement management information only

During this pause, NHS Digital have been working on making improvements to the publication, primarily focusing on working with TRAC to incorporate their data into the compendium publication; exploring what more can be done with data from ESR; and improving the NHS Jobs data tables.

The new enhanced publication was due to go live for the first time in May 2020, but as a result of the coronavirus illness (COVID-19), these improvements are having to be delayed.

NHS Digital will therefore continue with the reduced scope publication in May 2020, as per the last two quarters, and look forward to releasing the new enhanced publication later in the year.

To help with the development of this publication, feedback is continually welcomed and can be sent to: with the subject heading ‘NHS Vacancy Statistics publication feedback’.

Key Facts

  • In March 2020 there were 23,357 advertised vacancy full-time equivalents in England published, this compares to 29,405 in 2019, 28,998 in 2018, 30,613 in 2017, 26,424 in 2016 and 26,406 in 2015.
  • Between 1 January 2020 – 31 March 2020 there were 84,393 advertised vacancy full-time equivalents in England. Of these 84 per cent (71,148) were permanent and 16 per cent (13,245) were fixed-term.
  • The number of advertised vacancy full-time equivalents varied between the National Workforce Data Set (NWD) Staff Groups. In March 2020 the highest percentage was seen in the ‘Nursing and Midwifery Registered’ Staff Group which accounted for 41 per cent (9,475 out of 23,357) of vacancy full-time equivalents followed by 19 per cent (4,461 out of 23,357) in the ‘Administrative and Clerical’ Staff Group.

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