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NHS Vacancies Survey - England, 31 March 2010

Experimental statistics, Official statistics
Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
Ambulance Trusts, Care Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, NHS Trusts, Regions
Date Range:
01 Apr 2004 to 31 Mar 2010


The purpose of these surveys are to highlight problems with recruitment so that they can be addressed. They focus on total and three month vacancies within NHS Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS).

Data is presented for both the number of total and three month vacancies and the total and three month vacancy rate. Caution is needed when looking at some of the smaller areas of work within the main staff groups as the numbers of staff in post and the number of vacancies are small and can show large rates.


  • Three month rates for most main staff groups have fallen slightly since last year.
  • Total vacancies have also mostly fallen from last year in almost all main staff groups and now range between 4.4 per cent for Medical and Dental staff and 1.2 per cent for unqualified nurses.
  • On a three month long-term basis, midwifery vacancies have risen in contrast to the total number where they have fallen.


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