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NHS login


NHS login is a service that provides a way to check the identity of patients and match them to their NHS records. It provides patients with a simple and single way to securely access multiple digital health and social care services. NHS login is safe and secure and ensures that people can only access information about themselves. 

Proving your identity

The NHS login service provides an online way for users to safely and securely prove their identity. By proving an individual’s identity, we can ensure we link them to the correct health records.

We can currently prove who an individual is in the following ways:

Online - using a trusted photo identity document such as a passport or driving licence

To do this, people will take a picture of a photo identity document that includes their name and date of birth. They will also be asked to submit a short video of themselves repeating four digits which have been sent to them as a text message. The video enables us to confirm it really is the person at the end of the internet connection and not someone pretending to be them. 

The information is checked in line with Home Office approved standards and if it’s verified, people can sign in using NHS login.  

Online - using the details an individual has already been given by their GP surgery

People will need to enter the details they received when they registered at their GP surgery for GP Online services. (This service gives them access to their medical record, booking appointments and requesting repeat prescriptions.)

How the service is performing

As of May 2019, the NHS login service had: 

  • over 50,000 NHS login accounts and over 28,000 users who have verified their identity online
  • 71% of people who chose to prove who they were online using trusted photo identity documentation were successfully verified  
  • 22% of people chose to prove their identity using their existing GP online service login and 71% of them were successful

The future of NHS login

The NHS login service is continuously being developed and we are working hard to enhance the current service and introduce new capabilities based on feedback and research. 

The service has been tested with thousands of users and their continued feedback is vital to help us improve and develop the product. We’re regularly releasing technical updates, which means we can respond quickly to user feedback. 

We are currently testing a new and improved online way for individuals to prove their identity. This will remove the need for people to submit a short video of themselves repeating four digits which have been sent to them as a text message and will provide additional support, checks and guidance to help them take better photos of their identity documentation.  

Additional service improvements and capabilities which we are working on include: 

  • an offline way for people to prove their identity - how people may be able to prove their identity in alternative high street settings, such as pharmacies and post offices 
  • how we can support people who don’t have photo identity documentation 
  • a way to nominate or give someone permission to manage their care - for example a family member, a carer, or a friend
  • a way to manage the care of others - for example a parent managing the care of their child
  • a convenient and central way for people to manage your preferences and NHS login account details

Provide feedback on the NHS login service

Feedback is critical to the development and improvement of the NHS login service.   

User research and surveys are continuous, but users can also submit feedback directly via the feedback button - available when using NHS login.

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