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NHS login for partners and developers

Guidance, process and supporting information for digital health and social care services that are interested in or integrated with NHS login.

Benefits of NHS login

Patient benefits

Benefits to patients include:

  • a one-time simple sign-up process
  • a single login to access multiple services
  • a one-time identity verification process
  • knowing their health and care data is secure and protected

Partner benefits

Our partners will benefit from:

  • using a trusted and secure identity platform
  • choosing an appropriate level of user verification
  • displaying a brand the public will recognise
  • meeting the Identity Verification and Authentication Standard (DCB3051)

How NHS login works

Visit how NHS login works to find out how we handle authentication, account management and verification of a user’s identity.

NHS login integration toolkit

Register your interest and see guidance, process and supporting information for digital health and social care services that integrate with NHS login, in our NHS login integration toolkit.


Service updates and roadmap

You can follow our service improvements, see a roadmap of upcoming features and learn more about known service issues on our service updates and releases page.

Our way of working

NHS login is continuously being developed and improved with weekly releases. We are working hard to enhance the current service and introduce new capabilities based on feedback and research. As such, you may experience processes that are still being refined and improved. We may need integrated partners to control roll out volumes during this time to ensure that our service is meeting their needs.

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