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Integration Plan and Process Diagram

Download a checklist and guide to the main activities required to integrate your product with NHS login.

NHS login integration plan

The whole process normally takes around 3 to 4 months.

Step 1: Apply

  1. Find out how we will work together
  2. Check if you are eligible
  3. Review if NHS login fits your needs
  4. Apply via the Digital Onboarding Service (DOS)
  5. Attend an Application Review call to tell NHS login about your team and product and to get an overview of the NHS login integration process.
  6. The NHS login Partner Integration Board will review your application and decide if you are ready to proceed

Step 2: Discovery

  1. Decide what level of verification you need
  2. Develop a proof of concept in the sandpit
  3. Review our document library
  4. Review your resources, required expertise and the development work needed
  5. Decide whether you wish to proceed with the integration of NHS login. If not, please let us know
  6. Prepare for your Product Demonstration Call with NHS login by completing and submitting the checklist on that page

Step 3: Integrate

  1. Attend a Preparation Call to review readiness for Product Demonstration call
  2. Attend a Product Demonstration Call
  3. Start integration
  4. Complete and submit the Integration Environment Request form
  5. Complete the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL)
  6. Complete the Connection Agreement
  7. Complete and submit the Service Discovery form
  8. If IM1 connected, raise a Request for Change (RFC)
  9. Your application to go live will be reviewed by the NHS login Partner Integration Board
  10. Get approval to go live and request access to production

Step 4: Go live

  1. Go live
  2. Review the support available after you go live
  3. Attend post go live call

View these steps as a diagram on the developer documentation.

You can download our integration plan to help you manage your project from start to finish. You do not need to send it to us, but we recommend using it to keep track of the actions you need to complete. We also have a document library, which contains examples of the documents you will need to complete during the integration process.


Download the NHS login Integration Plan

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