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Forms and documents

Examples of documents you will need to integrate with NHS login.

NHS England Digital Onboarding Service

NHS login uses the Digital Onboarding Service (DOS) for the Application Form and Prepare for your Product Demonstration Call Form. Sign in or create a developer account, then select product onboarding.

Sandpit Environment Request Form

To understand how NHS login fits with your service, you need to build a proof of concept and explore the end-to-end journey in our Sandpit environment. The Sandpit is a copy of our production code environment.

Complete the Sandpit Environment Request Form.

Integration Environment Request Form

For access to the NHS login Integration test environment where you will complete some end-to-end testing. You should not be performing non-functional testing (NFT) or penetration testing in the integration environment.

Read more about the Integration Environment Request Form.
Complete the Integration Environment Request Form.


Technical Conformance Report Form

At the end of testing in the integration environment you must request a technical conformance report. This report is added (as an object) to your SCAL.
Request your Technical Conformance Report.

Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL)

A self-assessment that helps ensure your product or service is safe, secure and meets information governance standards.

Previous partners have recommended that the SCAL is reviewed sooner rather than later as it may involve finding additional resource/outsourcing.

Download an example of the SCAL. This is version 8.0 issued on the 22 January 2024. The SCAL is regularly updated inline with industry standards and continuous feedback.
You should not complete this, you will be sent a bespoke version for you to complete during the integration process.

Read more about the SCAL.

Connection Agreement

Legal contract between you and the NHS. You will be sent a connection agreement specific to your service during the process.

Read more about the Connection Agreement.
Download an example of the Connection Agreement.

Organisation Discovery Form

Your integration will be supported by the NHS England Service Bridge. This form provides you with access to this support.

Read more about the Organisation Discovery Form.
Complete the Organisation Discovery Form.

Production Environment Request Form

Complete this to request access to the live production environment. Once received, we will work alongside you during the integration process and into live.

Read more about the Production Environment Request Form.
Complete the Production Environment Request Form.

Live Partner Change Request Form

Complete this if you need to make changes to your NHS login configuration, or request additional features, after you go live.

Read more about the Live Partner Change Request Form.
Complete the Live Partner Change Request Form.

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