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Clinical Safety documentation

Documentation that supports clinical risk management. They underpin the scope and requirement of the clinical safety team.

Clinical safety events

Clinical risk management

GP IT Futures generic hazard log

This GP IT Futures generic hazard log records generic hazards separated into system wide hazards and for each individual capability for GP IT Futures programme in separate tabs. 


They are derived from similar health IT systems under both normal and fault conditions, provided as a reference only and are not to be considered definitive.


Document templates

These templates are intended for download by our customers. You can use and rebrand them to help you complete your clinical risk management requirements.


Clinical safety guidance

Clinical risk management data safety

Guidance on the management of data safety risks in the manufacture, deployment and use of health IT systems.


Clinical safety guidance

Governance and regulatory requirements for decision supporting and making software in the NHS and Adult Social Care.


Clinical safety community of interest speaker presentations

Download presentations from our community of interest events.

Further information

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    We enable the development of safe, secure and effective health and social care technology.

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