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Solution Assurance

Solution Assurance is responsible for assuring the quality and safety of national health and social care IT systems. We work with a number of organisations including national and local NHS, cross-government and 3rd party suppliers.


The role of Solution Assurance is to make sure that systems delivered by NHS Digital and wider healthcare organisations are secure, work as they are expected to, and are clinically safe for patients.

This includes testing new and updated IT systems and providing assurance that the systems meet all agreed standards and statutory obligations. We also look at how the system works with existing systems before they are released into service.

In addition to testing and assuring new and updated systems, Solution Assurance provide tools to healthcare system providers allowing them to carry out their own testing and assurance. We provide guidance and help on how to do this.

Solution Assurance also provide support and monitoring of NHS Digital systems operating as live services.

Solution Assurance deliver these services by:

  • testing and assuring NHS Digital commissioned IT solutions - by solution we mean the overall end product or service, which can involve looking at software, hardware or a number of additional factors including how humans interact with the solutions
  • providing external test services to health and social care customers outside of NHS Digital who are wanting to connect to NHS national services
  • assuring the clinical safety of solutions against NHS Digital standards, and providing training to the wider healthcare community in clinical safety risk management
  • providing technical and support services, including tooling, environments, test data and monitoring

Contact details

If you're a health and care organisation or a system supplier, or part of NHS Digital, we are happy to discuss your requirements and provide impartial advice and guidance. We will assess your needs, propose a service with the right type and level of support, and give a detailed idea of the costs.

You can use our enquiries form to get in touch or provide feedback or email:

Alternatively, you can call our contact centre on 0300 303 5678.

Further information

  1. internal

    Test and assurance services

    NHS Digital Solution Assurance provides test and assurance services and subject matter expertise to internal NHS Digital customers.

  2. internal

    External test services

    Solution Assurance can design, manage and provide testing on behalf of health and care customers outside of NHS Digital.

  3. internal

    Technical support services

    Our technical support services deliver and operate the tools and environments that enable assurance and live running of NHS and healthcare systems.

  4. internal

    Clinical Safety Team

    The clinical safety team provides a clinical safety assurance service across the whole of NHS Digital's work so that NHS IT systems support clinicians in providing better, safer patient care.

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