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Solution Assurance teams

Our teams are divided into multi-disciplinary cells with a wide variety of test and assurance skills.

Our test and assurance skills include:

  • functional
  • non-functional
  • data processing
  • tooling development

Each cell focuses on supporting different areas within NHS Digital and the wider NHS, drawing on the specialist skills of our team members.

The breakdown of how work for different requesting areas is allocated within Solution Assurance.

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Diagram shows the breakdown of how work for different requesting areas is allocated within Solution Assurance.

The Citizen and Interoperability cell, in blue, provide support for NHS systems and functions that are patient facing or patient related.

The Data Services cell, in green, provide support for safe transmission, storage and dissemination of data within NHS systems.

The platforms and Infrastructure cell, in red, provide support for how background systems that underpin the NHS work effectively.

The Primary Care, Secondary Care and Screening cell, in yellow, provide support for systems used within the NHS by doctors and nurses.

Functional and technical integration

Our functional and technical Integration expertise and guidance enables partners to implement reliable functionality including interfaces between national and third-party connecting systems reducing the risk of both functional and interoperability issues.

Non-functional testing

Our non-functional testing knowledge and advice enables our partners to mitigate risks related to system operational performance, readiness for live deployment and day-to-day operation, including live system monitoring, and recovery from service impacting issues, which are often the most expensive and time-consuming to resolve.

Data processing

Our data processing specialists provide expert domain knowledge and assurance expertise in the complex specialism of data processing (including transmission, storage and dissemination of data) for national NHS programmes. We also develop bespoke test data solutions and tooling to support the testing and assurance of health and social care informatic systems.

Tooling and integration

Our tooling and integration specialists provide expertise in health and social care informatic systems and underpinning technologies to the wider development community. They also develop bespoke test and analytical solutions.

Further information

  1. internal

    Solution Assurance

    We enable the development of safe, secure and effective health and social care technology.

  2. internal

    Our risk-based assurance framework

    NHS Digital’s risk-based assurance framework is designed to support requestors through the product life cycle of design, build and test. A requestor can be an NHS supplier, NHS programme or NHS trust.

  3. internal

    Compliance Catalogue

    The Compliance Catalogue identifies all vendors and products that have been awarded Milestone Achievement Certificates.

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    Solution Assurance enquiry form

    If you have a question for Solution Assurance, get in touch and send us feedback using our Solution Assurance enquiry form.

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