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Creating a new NHS England: NHS England and NHS Digital merged on 1 February 2023. More about the merger.

Future developments for the NHS App

We’re continuing to improve the NHS App. We work to an agile delivery process, so it’s possible that not all these features will make it into the live app. What we develop will depend on what we find out from users as we work on improvements – and on funding. The planned go-live dates may also change.

Book or manage a vaccination

Currently citizens in England can book or manage their vaccination appointments using the NHS national booking service. As part of this service they are required to answer questions about their health circumstances and are then offered a vaccination appointment based on the results.

Current status

Eligible people can now book or manage their COVID-19 vaccine using the NHS App as the National Booking Service has been added to the NHS App.

Online consultation services

For suppliers who provide forms-based triage systems we use open standards to integrate their services into the NHS App making them more accessible to patients. Suppliers who are currently part of the GPIT Online Consultation Framework are welcome to apply to integrate, opening more choice to commissioners and GP practices. Providing a forms-based triage service will help citizens communicate with their local practice to determine the best outcome for their health and care needs.

Current status

Spectra PATCHS recently joined Accurx, Engage Health and e-Consult in providing services through the NHS App. We are actively working with several different online consultation suppliers. Virtually Healthcare and Klinik Healthcare Solutions are the furthest along the onboarding process and the closest to providing their services through the NHS App.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

We’ve given patients the ability to access a variety of Personal Health Record (PHR) services in the NHS App. Where it's made available locally, our integrations will allow patients to see their hospital appointments, letters, test results, care plans and receive secure messages. 

Current status

Our work with Patients Know Best (PKB) allows patients to:

  • view upcoming and past appointments at a hospital or other appointments
  • view current and past medicines or add a record of their own
  • view test results from their hospital and other healthcare providers
  • view care plans from their hospital or other care provider, or add their own
  • record symptoms and add to their health journal
  • view links or documents shared by their health team, or add their own
  • choose and manage information they share with health teams
  • fill in a consultation form
  • see details of visits and treatments
  • view clinical documents
  • send messages to their health team

PKB service is available in 14 ICS areas across England.

Read the full list
  • Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Devon
  • East London Health and Care Partnership
  • Humber, Coast and Vale
  • Joined Up Care Derbyshire
  • Kent and Medway
  • Northwest London Health and Care Partnership
  • Northamptonshire
  • Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Health and Care
  • Sussex and East Surrey Health and Care Partnership
  • West Yorkshire and Harrogate (Health and Care Partnership)
  • Bedfordshire
  • Staffordshire
  • North Central London

In late September 2022 Graphnet decided to pause their NHS App onboarding. We are keen to progress their PHR integration in 2023.

Notifications and messages direct to the NHS App

We’ve given people the ability to receive messages relating to their care via the NHS App. Currently, all new NHS App users receive a welcome message when they sign up. The NHS App only allows messages from verified health and care services, so people who are using the service know they can completely trust the authenticity of every message they receive.

These messages could include:

  • reminders for referral appointments
  • reminders for online consultations
  • vaccination invitations

Current status

In early 2022, we completed a successful pilot with Mjog at 7 GP practices. The roll out to GP practices will be a gradual process, according to which communications service provider is used. Practices will be contacted when the service is being made available to them. We’re working towards rolling out to more practices over the coming weeks with:

  • Mjog
  • iPLATO
  • Accurx (pilot)

 We are also working to enable NHS App messages from national services, starting with the COVID vaccination invitation service. Our current priority is general practice however we welcome expressions of interest from organisations that operate in other settings.

 We continue to enhance the messaging capability to improve the experience for senders and recipients.

Notifications preferences

We've built the ability to allow people to choose whether they want to receive push notifications from the NHS App. As we integrate more services and enable more notifications, we want to offer our users the ability to choose which in-app messages they are notified about.

Current status

We are undertaking work to look at how citizens can choose which messages they want to be notified about. Those insights will be used to build a capability that permits users to express preferences about which in-app notifications they get at a more granular level.  

Hospital appointments

Part of the wide-ranging plans to tackle the backlog of elective care caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS platform will increase give patients more control over their hospital appointments and how and when they access information and support. This initiative includes enabling patients to have access to a single view of their appointments via the NHS App and NHS website.

Current status

From September 2022, in participating acute trusts across England, new features are being made available in the NHS App so patients can view and manage all their referrals, via the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS), and future secondary care appointments, along with access to contact details and supporting information for their appointments. This will initially be available through limited third-party patient portals. We will look to increase coverage with further third-party portal providers in the future.

NHS account

Patients can log in to their NHS account through a browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, to access the same NHS services that are available in the NHS App.

We are working on embedding and extending secure access to these and additional features, by providing more integrated journeys from the NHS website (NHS.UK).

This multi-channel NHS account gives people the choice of which channel they want to use. People can use the app or a web browser, making NHS services more accessible to more people and providing continuity between the app and web services. 

In time, we expect to develop these capabilities further to deliver against the national digital channels strategy to provide a more personalised experience for users.

Current status

Since April 2022 we have given users access to log in to their NHS account direct from the NHS website. We are continuing to explore how to enable users to easily update their account contact details.

Access to GP health records

Patients can securely access their GP health record via the NHS App, to see information like allergies as well as current and past medicines. If their GP has given them access to their detailed coded record, they can also see information like test results and details of their consultations.

Current status

A phased rollout has now started to give patients with online accounts (such as through the NHS App) the ability to read new entries in their health record automatically. New users set up after their practice has switched on access will also receive this level of access by default.

This applies to patients whose practices use the TPP and EMIS systems. Arrangements with practices which use Vision as the clinical system are under discussion. Find out more about access to patient records through the NHS App.

Latest releases

For details of our latest releases, please see our release notes.

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