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Future developments for the NHS App

We’re continuing to improve the NHS App, and have lots of new features planned. We work to an agile delivery process, so it’s possible that not all these features will make it into the live app. What we develop will depend on what we find out from users as we work on improvements – and on funding. The planned go-live dates may also change.

Web browser access

We’re providing access to the features of the NHS App through a browser, for users who do not have a smartphone or who prefer to use a device with a larger screen.

Planned release: October 2019

Online consultations integration

We’re designing a set of standards so that suppliers who provide triage systems can integrate their systems with the NHS App, guiding patients to the best care route for them

Planned release: The first suppliers could start to become available through the NHS App from October 2019.

Choosing a pharmacy (nomination)

Patients will soon be able to set, view and change which pharmacy they want their electronic prescription to be sent to, so they can collect it when it's ready, or have it delivered using a Distance Selling Pharmacy (DSP).

Planned release: November 2019

NHS Electronic Referral Service (NHS e-RS) integration

We’re working to integrate the NHS booking system for hospital appointments, NHS e-RS, into the NHS App. This will enable patients to book their appointments quickly and conveniently, when their GP refers them to a specialist.

Planned release: December 2019

Delegated proxy access – giving other people secure access to an NHS App account

We’re working on a set of features that will enable NHS App accounts to be accessed securely by named users in addition to the patient, where appropriate consent is in place. Examples could include:

  • parents accessing a child’s account
  • carers booking an appointment for a patient
  • patients setting delegate access for someone to act on their behalf

Planned release: January 2020

Medical record documents

We're investigating how to provide the ability to view letters and documents as part of the detailed medical record.

Planned release: January 2020

Push notification service

We're building the ability to enable users to get notifications relating to their care. We’re investigating which reminders and notifications would improve user experience - this could include reminders for referral appointments, reminders for online consultations, and screening invitations. 

Planned release: March 2020

Clinical trials and research registration

We’re working with the National Institute for Health Research to make their new website available from within the NHS App. The ‘NHS: Be part of research’ website will enable users to register their interest in clinical trials.

Planned release: 2020

Health checks and assessments access

We’re investigating how we can best give users access to the NHS Health Assessment tool, currently being designed by Public Health England for patients to check aspects of their own health, through the NHS App.

Planned release: 2020

Last edited: 17 September 2019 4:20 pm