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Future developments for the NHS App

We’re continuing to improve the NHS App. We work to an agile delivery process, so it’s possible that not all these features will make it into the live app. What we develop will depend on what we find out from users as we work on improvements – and on funding. The planned go-live dates may also change.

Online consultations integration

We’re using open standards to help suppliers who provide forms-based triage systems integrate them with the NHS App, guiding patients to the best care route for them.

The first suppliers - eConsult and Patients Know Best - were made available through the NHS App in spring 2020 and we continue to work with others.

Personal Health Records integration

We're working with Personal Healthcare Record (PHR) providers to integrate local solutions into the NHS App. This will give users greater access to their medical records.

The first supplier, Patients Know Best, was made available in the NHS App from April 2020 and others will go live in spring 2021.

NHS Electronic Referral Service (NHS e-RS) integration

We’ve integrated the NHS booking system for hospital appointments, NHS e-RS Manage your referral, into the NHS App. This enables patients to book their first hospital appointment quickly and conveniently, when their GP refers them to a specialist.

Live: October 2020

Enable notifications and messaging for third parties

We've built the ability to allow users to receive broadcast or targeted push notifications and messages relating to their care. This could include reminders for referral appointments, reminders for online consultations, and screening invitations, via services integrated into the app.

Live: October 2020 - suppliers now being onboarded to use it

Health checks and assessments access

We're reviewing the discovery work done on this in 2019 with Public Health England (PHE) to determine how we can best give users access to a digital health assessment tool, currently being designed by for patients to check aspects of their own health, through the NHS App.

Planned release: 2021

Last edited: 11 June 2021 2:53 pm