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Directory of Healthcare Services (Service Search) API

Find information about NHS healthcare services, including lists of NHS organisation types, organisations, and coronavirus (COVID-19) walk-in sites.

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Use this API to find information about organisations that provide NHS healthcare services, NHS organisation types, and coronavirus (COVID-19) walk-in sites.

You can:

  • retrieve a list of organisation types, for example, GP practices or hospitals

  • search for NHS organisations that provide healthcare services listed in NHS services near you, for example, Leeds General Infirmary

  • search for coronavirus (COVID-19) walk-in sites

This API was previously known as the Service Search API.

For a non-technical overview of how to build software that deals with organisations and healthcare services, see Building healthcare software - organisations and healthcare services.


This API has multiple versions as follows:

Version Status Documentation
Version 3 In development

Directory of Healthcare Services API - version 3

Version 2 In production Service Search API - versions 1 and 2
Version 1 In production Service Search API - versions 1 and 2

Last edited: 15 May 2023 3:44 pm