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HSCN readiness testing guidance note

Test processes - HSCN consumer


The following tests to be carried out and results recorded by the HSCN consumer.

Initial set up

Once a HSCN customer has received its final 'Readiness Certificate' from their CN-SP, they should consider carrying out the following steps (typically, under DPS as part of milestone M1.2, regardless of the procurement mechanism there should still be confirmation of readiness).

The test IP address range can be used for testing prior to migration but should not be used for production traffic.

1. Request that their CNSP sets up a test port in the CPE router, configured with the IP allocated test IP range (subnet such as /30, IP for router port and IP for test laptop or /29 for a resilient link).

Note: Prior to migration day the CN-SP is required to disable/remove the test connection from the customer CPE.

2. The HSCN customer connects the test laptop/device to the new HSCN test port on the CPE and begins the HSCN service readiness confirmation tests.

The Customer should complete the tests listed in the ‘HSCN Connectivity - Consumer’ sheet of the report spreadsheet.

User defined connectivity tests (including internet outbound - if applicable)

Upon completion of the generic HSCN readiness connectivity tests, the HSCN customer may now conduct a set of user defined connectivity tests.

We strongly advise that the HSCN customer defines and executes tests that are relevant to their specific business needs including HSCN/internet - sites and applications, where the HSCN customers user(s) would:

  • navigate to the application’s homepage 
  • log in (when appropriate)
  • execute a set of test transactions
Last edited: 29 March 2021 12:22 pm