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Part of HSCN readiness testing guidance note

Test processes - CNSP


Whilst these tests are in accordance with the HSCN Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Call off Terms, Schedule 4 Part 2 they should form the basis for any CNSP demonstrating delivery of the HSCN compliant service regardless of the procurement vehicle used.

There is no intention to add or change any existing processes that the CNSP carries out as part of their readiness procedure.

Recording the results of these tests is useful in the unlikely event of connectivity issues or rollback. The CN-SP should complete the tests listed in the ‘HSCN Connectivity – CN-SP’ sheet of the report spreadsheet.

Once the test results have been collated and recorded, the test report spreadsheet should be sent to the consumer for them to complete their reporting section. This is so that the results are recorded in a single consolidated spreadsheet.

Last edited: 29 March 2021 1:12 pm