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HSCN readiness testing guidance note

Test processes - CNSP


Whilst these tests are in accordance with the HSCN Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Call off Terms, Schedule 4 Part 2 they should form the basis for any CNSP demonstrating delivery of the HSCN compliant service regardless of the procurement vehicle used.

There is no intention to add or change any existing processes that the CNSP carries out as part of their readiness procedure.

Recording the results of these tests is very useful in the unlikely event of post migration failure, issues or rollback. The test report spreadsheet embedded in appendix A should be extracted and a simple Yes or No result should be recorded in the test report.

Please note; where the IP addresses of; are referenced, these addresses are subject to change as part of the 2019 technical refresh programme. See HSCN/Transition Network DNS- 2019 technical refresh for further information.

Current - DNS BT RIPE IP addresses

New - NHS Digital RIPE IP addresses ( (


Service feature Test description Call-off terms 5.1 mapping
Routing - HSCN Show IP routes to demonstrate CPE is available to the HSCN Routing
Routing HSCN - CNSP core Check CNSP core router to ensure Customer CPE routes are being advertised Routing/inbound connectivity from other CNSPs
Routing - customer's network Show IP routes to demonstrate CPE is available to the customer's internal network Routing
Routing - customer's network - outbound Check and test customer has configured their network to route to CPE (HSCN) Routing
Routing - internet (where applicable) Show IP routes to demonstrate CPE is available to connect to the internet Routing
Router interface status Show each active interface details Availability - general
Router interface bandwidth provision Is the required bandwidth configured? Bandwidth provision/bandwidth consumption
Router interface MTU Is the MTU set correctly? Availability - general
Connectivity/latency - HSCN DNS servers - ping Ping the HSCN DNS servers and Latency - HSCN/DNS server connectivity
Connectivity/latency - to HSCN Domain Name System (DNS) servers - traceroute Traceroute to the HSCN DNS servers and Latency - HSCN/DNS server connectivity
Connectivity/latency - to internet (where applicable) - ping Ping to the internet (for example, Internet connectivity/latency
Connectivity/latency - to internet (where applicable) - traceroute Traceroute to the internet (for example, Internet connectivity/latency
Time services - ensure router time and date set correctly Show the router clock time and date NTP
Quality of Service (QoS) (where applicable) Show the QoS settings to ensure correct configuration QoS policy applied (where applicable)
Failover (where applicable) Where redundancy has been implemented test failover is successful and failback Failover
Trapping/logging Ensure management traps are being received by CNSP network operations centre Monitoring/alerting
IPfix Check IPfix has been successfully configured, is generating data and is forwarding data to HSCN NAS CPE IPfix
Network Address Translation (NAT) Confirm NAT is configured and verify translations (where applicable) Routing

Important note - once the test results have been collated and recorded then the test report spreadsheet should be sent to the consumer for them to complete their reporting section. This is so that the results are recorded in a single consolidated spreadsheet.

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