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HSCN readiness testing guidance note

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This document describes activities which will help a HSCN customer identify and resolve potential migration related risks, ahead of time, which would otherwise cause issues during their live migration.

About this document

This document is a Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) readiness test guidance note. It includes a readiness test report and demonstrates basic HSCN network connectivity.

The intended audience is any HSCN consumer network service provider (CNSP) and their consumers.

This documents aim is to help the CNSP and their consumer organisations reduce their technical risk and assist in confirming HSCN readiness. The test report provides useful information on post migration connectivity troubleshooting if this is required.


The HSCN programme delivers new and significantly different network services for health and social care as part of its remit to provide successor services to the Transition Network (TN, formerly N3). Essentially, HSCN creates the effect of a single network across health and social care providers and their partners. All health and social care organisations in England are within scope of the HSCN solution, which allows an integrated care delivery service.

The TN provides a platform for continuation of services previously contracted under the N3 agreement. This service is managed as part of the HSCN programme and is delivered by BT. The TN will be managed as a ‘run-down’ service and will be provided for the minimum period required to migrate services to HSCN.


Tests within the scope of this document include:

HSCN CNSP customer premise equipment (CPE) basic connectivity tests

Whilst these tests are in accordance with the HSCN Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Call off Terms, Schedule 4 Part 2 they should form the basis for any CNSP demonstrating delivery of the HSCN compliant service regardless of the procurement vehicle used.

HSCN customer basic connectivity related tests

  1. HSCN connectivity service availability
  2. Internet (out-bound) availability (where applicable)

Note: The CNSP may need to demonstrate additional capability depending upon the service delivered. However, these tests are intended to provide the consumer with confidence that the service is available.

Out of Scope

CNSP (supplier) tests outside the scope of this document include

  • Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity services
  • virtual private network (integrated and stand-alone)
  • managed firewall (integrated and stand-alone)
  • intrusion prevention system (IPS)/intrusion detection system (IDS) - integrated and stand-alone
  • cloud access services
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • additional customer defined virtual routing and forwarding (VRFs)

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