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Part of HSCN consumer handbook


This section provides guidance on managing your live HSCN service.


This section provides guidance on managing your live HSCN service.

IP Address Management on HSCN

The HSCN IP addressing policy outlines how IP addressing is used across the network. All new consumers must use minimal Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE - French for 'European IP Networks') addressing required for connectivity. HSCN RIPE and private IP ranges are managed by the NHS Digital IP Address Management (IPAM) team.

CN-SPs are allocated RIPE blocks from the HSCN RIPE allocation, these ranges are retained by CN-SPs in the event of consumers migrating to a different CN-SP.

HSCN private allocations will follow the consumer on migrations between CN-SPs, however it is important to note any allocations surplus to requirements should be notified to the IPAM team.

All customers must inform NHS Digital IPAM of their intentions via the HSCN Portal by requesting ‘IPAM Delegate’ access under your parent ODS Code via [email protected].

Find further information on the HSCN IP addressing policy.

CN-SP migrations

HSCN has multiple CN-SPs available for consumers to purchase HSCN connectivity from, this is continually increasing through new suppliers onboarding. All CN-SPs have to conform to the obligations framework which ensures that each supplier is fit to supply HSCN connectivity.

When migrating between CN-SPs there are both technical and contractual considerations (these are locally agreed between consumer and CN-SP) which require planning. Please use the Migration checklist which provides useful information with regards to migrations.

It is important to note the migration process is to be managed by the consumer, this includes requesting any configuration, arranging testing, and managing communications.

HSCN Secure Boundary firewall change requests

Any end-user organisation requiring a firewall change to Secure Boundary to access non-standard ports/protocols for business-critical reasons must complete the NHS National Ruleset Forms. These replace the HSCN ANM firewall change request form.

Once completed, the form/forms must be submitted to the NHS Digital Exeter Helpdesk via your CN-SP. The impact of the change will be assessed by NHS Digital DSC and either, instruct Accenture to make the necessary changes and confirm this to your provider or respond to advise that the request cannot be authorised.

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