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Creating a new NHS England: NHS England and NHS Digital merged on 1 February 2023. All references to NHS Digital now, or in the future, relate to NHS England. More about the merger.

Part of HSCN consumer handbook

Consumer overview

HSCN delivers different network services for health and social care as part of its remit to provide successor services to N3 and Transition Network (TN).

HSCN is a standards-based network, which means health and social care organisations can choose from a list of compliant suppliers, known as HSCN Consumer Network Service Providers (CN-SPs), to provide their network services.

There is no standard catalogue for HSCN connectivity services. NHS Digital have introduced the central components required to manage the safe and reliable operation of the multi-supplier environment. These services will be contracted centrally by NHS Digital to external providers who will deliver the key tools and expertise to ensure the security and stability of HSCN. These central services are; the HSCN Peering Exchange Network (PN) an interconnect between all CN-SPs that enables communications between all CN-SPs and their consumers, the Secure Boundary service – a gateway to the internet for all CN-SP internet traffic that provides cyber security and the Network Analytics Service (NAS) – a network security management solution manged and maintained by NHS Digital.

A further supporting central service provided by NHS Digital is the National Domain Name System (DNS) service that provides the backbone to all network connectivity between suppliers on the HSCN. More information is available on HSCN Domain Name System (DNS).

Essentially, HSCN creates the effect of a single network across health and social care providers and their partners. All health and social care organisations in England are within scope of the HSCN solution, which supports the enablement of an integrated care delivery service.

HSCN network diagram

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