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HSCN consumer handbook: contents

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This consumer handbook provides a guide to the services available from HSCN service providers. It includes advice on some of the procedures for managing and maintaining live HSCN services.  

The content is structured to provide a general description of the HSCN service, the incident reporting process, and information on the roles and responsibilities of parties within the HSCN model.

Table of contents

Consumer Overview

An overview of the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

Roles and responsibilities

This page sets out the responsibilities of: 

  • HSCN consumers (individuals and organisations using HSCN)
  • consumer network service providers (CN-SPs)
  • NHS Digital


This page provides guidance on managing your live HSCN service with sections on:

  • ceasing legacy services,
  • IP address managaemt
  • HSCN DNS management and changes
  • HSCN change management
  • the HSCN internet access form

Incident handling

This section outlines the incident handling model for HSCN.

Service levels and incident severity classification

This page defines: 

  • service levels
  • Incident severity classifications
  • the escalations and complaints policy for network providers
  • data security

Contact points and further information

This page contains contact details and links for further information and guidance including:

  • HSCN Connection Agreement and the HSCN Portal
  • consumer site and organisations contacts
  • useful links and contacts
  • a summary of further information

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