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HSCN consumer handbook: contents

HSCN consumer handbook: contact points and further information


Your chosen consumer network service provider (CN-SP) should be the first point of contact for all HSCN related issues and queries. See below for other sources of information and advice.

The HSCN Connection Agreement and the HSCN Portal

The HSCN Portal allows authorised users to

  • electronically sign a Connection Agreement (a pre-requisite for connecting to HSCN)
  • access the IP Address Management (IPAM) system
  • maintain details of contacts at their organisation (such as security contacts) as well as details of any HSCN connections shared with other organisations

All organisations connected to HSCN must sign a Connection Agreement, details of which can be found on the HSCN self-service portal.

Consumer site and organisation contact

NHS Digital may need to contact your organisation to notify you of changes to the operations of HSCN, such as updates to the Connection Agreement.

You should nominate contacts for your sites, to be used by NHS Digital when necessary. Please ensure that the names, job titles, phone numbers and email addresses for these contacts are kept up to date on the HSCN Portal. If you wish to review or change any of the contact details NHS Digital hold, you can call the NHS Digital contact centre on or 0300 303 5678 (09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday) or email


Useful links and contacts

The table below provides a summary of useful HSCN contact details. 

Area of contact

Email address

Phone number

IPAM general enquiries


NHS Digital contact centre:

  • IPAM delegate access
  • Organisation contact detail changes

0300 303 5678

National Service Desk


Service Co-Ordinator


BT Continuing Orders Helpdesk


0800 085 0503


Summary of further information

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